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Chapter 1,292 - How I investigate my interests and come up with nothing new

Thank you moo58

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. emma thompson score: 8
2. roman polanski score: 7
3. zhang ziyi score: 6
4. rear window score: 6
5. galaxy quest score: 6
6. neil jordan score: 5
7. william h macy score: 5
8. bound score: 5
9. kyra sedgwick score: 5
10. katherine hepburn score: 5
11. bob odenkirk score: 5
12. helen mirren score: 5
13. the iron giant score: 5
14. helena bonham carter score: 5
15. frank capra score: 5
16. michael nyman score: 5
17. blood simple score: 5
18. miller's crossing score: 5
19. james stewart score: 4
20. bill forsyth score: 4

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Now, this thing takes your least popular interests and compare what other interested in that interest, has listed in their interests to figure out what's the most common interests among those.

I kinda like the idea for several reasons. People tend to like a lot of things surrounding a certain interest, as in.. I you're interested in Director Peter Greenaway, you're likely to listen to Composer Michael Nyman as well, and as a spin-of of that, might be an interest for the film "The Piano". as well as Jacobean theatre etc. Especially if you bother to list something specific and unusual.

Now, I have such a lot of interests listed I can't really fit any of these, and I've sort of narrowed the interests I've listed down to very special things, which I sort of know something about. I mean. I like Michael Nyman and have a lot of his CDs, but the fact is that I don't know that much about him. Probably more than many others, but I wouldn't be able to really discuss Michael Nyman with someone being "seriously" interested in him. In that sense, it's a slight protection to not list him.

Now, this only seem to be "entertainment" stuff, and no subjects..

Emma Thompson. I'm not a fanatic, but have always liked her a lot. Especially when she was with Kenneth Branagh, and I'm really sorry for him blowing it, since she was really good for him. Kenneth Branagh is a very serious actor and director, at heart, which often make his films very pompous. Emma Thompson was able to bring that down and infuse a charming and entertaining touch to his films. At the same time, as her screenplay to "Sense and Sensibility" show, she need some serious foundation to ground her, or she tries too hard to entertain on behalf of the serious themes. Together, the balanced each other and created really great and charming films.

Roman Polanski. Well.. Not my favorite director, but one of the most interesting ones and one that I always keep an eye open for. "Repulsion" is one of my favorite "horror" films of all times.

Zhang Ziyi Without doubt, really interesting. But I have no specific relation to her. I wouldn't go and see a movie just because she's in it.

"Rear Window". One of the better Hitchcock films, in my view, and except for "Psycho" the only Hitchcock film I've bought on DVD.

"Galaxy Quest". YES!!!!! So love that movie. My favorite comedy, I think. (and Alan Rickman is so totally great in that movie, as he tends to be in most of the movies he appears in.)

Neil Jordan. The one I guess I should be interested in, but I only have one of his albums, and haven't really bothered to start reading him.

William H Macy. Really great actor, at times. The problem is that he's limited, and at times "tries to hard" and becoming way better than the movie he's in. Something he shares with one of my favorite actresses; Amanda Plummer. When they're right, they're totally right and really improves on the movies.

"Bound". What a perfect film, and a HUGE favorite. Love the way it start out as a sort of standard lesbian chic thriller, and turns into this black and cynical farce without ever losing credibility, and it sure has style.

Kyra Sedgewick And my secret love is revealed. I've always loved Kyra Sedgewick a lot, and is sad that she's never had a real breakthrough and thus having become a darling of the movie freaks only (There's always people etc, in movies that are really big stars, but only among the seriously interested. Barbara Hershey, Charles Durning, Brian Dennehy, Amanda Plummer etc. A sort of, the initiated's best kept secrets). She's a really great actress when allowed to be that, she's good looking and sexy. She has a really fun, drastic humour which make her pull off things a lot of other actresses and actors would never pull of, and she appears in the totally great but totally missed film "Heart and Souls" (Which is one of the movies I'd most love to have on DVD.. Just a hint for my birthday.. :-p :-p)

Katherine Hepburn I actually think I've had her listed once. She was voted the Greatest American Movie Star ever, which about says all.

Bob Odenkirk. Eh? Nope..

Helen Mirren :) Been a favorite since I saw "Excalibur" and "Caligula" sometime back in the 80's.

"The Iron Giant" Not sure about the book, but I totally love that film.. Fun, touching and with a really great message that, for once, really is "felt". A rare example of an Animated film that doesn't want to be an animated film, which is common today when most mainstream animated films sticks very close to all the rules and becomes sort of self-concious. "The Iron Giant" is a movie that just happen to be animated.

Helena Bonham Carter If nothing else, Kenneth Branagh sure has good taste in women. Totally great in "A Room With A View" and has just become better and better. Her really great looks (even if she's got a sort of funny shaped head), she sure is among the top 10 of my list of people I'd love to photograph, has made it sort of interesting since she's spent such a lot of time making herself ugly. She's fun, because she's experimented such a lot, appearing in a lot of experimental short films, and seem to love hanging out with a film community and often going for small artistic and good movies.

Frank Capra. Well.. yes.. For good and worse. Both love and hate "him". He's one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, but I don't like his conservative views and "fairy tale" quality.

Michael Nyman. One of the greatest composers, even if he's slightly too serious where it becomes too much of musical theories rather than the music. But when he creates music, he's really special in the way he creates a mood and atmosphere. Be it the tragic beauty of "The Piano", the pain of "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover" etc.

"Blood Simple". The one film that still is "The Coens" to me. The first one I saw back in 1985 - 86 sometime which started it all, and in many ways, it's their perfect film (at least to me), in it the way it ruthlessly unfolds.

"Miller's Crossing" Another Coens film, and as most of their movies, very dear to me. Really took them to a totally new level.

James Stewart Not sure what to say about James Stewart really. Obviously one of the greatest actors around, even if he, as often, fell into routines playing "James Stewart". Still.. "Harvey", "The Phladelphia Story", "Rear Window", "Anatomy of a Murder", "It's a wonderful life", "The Shop around the Corner", "Mr Smith Goes to Town" etc. Just wonderful films with him.

"Bill Forsyth" Few, if any, did (?) movies like he did, and they should be obligatory for everyone with the slightest interest in films. "That Sinking Feeling" (Greatest title for a movie ever!), so hilarious. "Gregory's Girl", totally charming and heartwarming. "Local Hero", Fun, charming and with so much joy. "Housekeeping", well.. just see it.. 29% of those having voted on IMDB, gave it "10" (of 407 voters), as in close to a third of everyone having voted on it, gives it the highest ranking. A very special movie. Bill Forsyth, in a sense, is one of the few that could be called today's Frank Capra.

This made me think about all the things that's "interesting" to me, even if one could say more that it's: Names and Things that means something to me, one way or another. Gonna try to figure out which, and post an arse-long list..
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