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Chapter 1,286 - How I do some advertising..

For those living in Stockholm, or have an interest in the city, there's a community called vivastockholm. kimbix, sazoo, isabel80 etc..

a_lost_marianne and I have talked something about a get together at midsummer..

Nothing that serious, but.. well.. just get together somewhere.. have a picknick maybe..

Actually, we're happy for all suggestions..

I guess, the general thought would be something like.. most have families and most likely is gonna celebrate midsummer in some way, but why not decide a place where all of us celebrate it at?

Haga, Djurgårn, Rålambshovsparken..

Maybe play Brännboll or something..

Could be made in a whole day, for those that feel like that..

Picknick somewhere on Djurgården or Gärdet.. Maybe continue to Skansen and the celebrations there for those that want to dance around the Midsommarstången.. and/or Gröna Lund towards the evening..

Obviously people not living in Stockholm would be welcomed to (hey.. I'm not), and I'm sure something can be arranged, in some way, for those who want to stay over night etc..

Essentially.. just get together.. have some fun.. meet people one has "known" for ages, but never actually met..

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