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Hmm.. when I'm using my frying pan, I use a lot of fat.. butter, margarine or oil.. Stlll, I seldom uses enough of it..

Still.. the amount of fat I'm using makes a lot, especially women, hit the roof.. How can you use that much fat, etc etc.. You shouldn't use that much fat.. you use too much fat?

Those same people may go out to a restaurant, and be lyrical about the food etc. wondering how they can make the food so good etc.. so tasty..

Well.. they use fat.. half an inch of fat in the frying pan etc..

If you go to a hamburger place, McDonalds, Burger King.. whatever.. and if you think they have really tasty burgers, have a look at them frying.. usually, it's this thick protecitve layer of fat.. if they've got dry, tasteless burgers, you're most likely to find they only uses very little fat..

Basically, food should "boil" in fat.. the same way, basically, French Fries is..

That way, it kinda protects the meat, or whatever, to dry out.. The fat stops the water and the juices from getting out.. it's not as much to protect the meat from "burning", and get those nasty black burn marks, as most people think..

Second.. if you uses a lot of fat when frying, it doesn't mean the food gets that much fatter to eat.. It's fatter, but surprisingly little. The fat inside the food, is more dangerous, in that case.. When you fry meat, it doesn't absorb the fat it's in, only the fat that sticks to the surface

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