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1,284 - How I enjoy the pleasant sound of music

I was tagged by nobody as such, but I blame nangijala :-p

List your current six favorite songs, then pick six other people that have to do the same.

(Well... the one's I listen to the most at the moment)

- Buckwheat Zydeco: "Ma 'Tit Fille"
The king of party-music, and this one is really pumping.

- Suzi Quatro: "Brain Confusion"
Slow "rock'n'roll" that's really suggestive and slowly builds up and becomes more and more intense "Oh darkness, darkness, seems to be, seemst to be so hopeless and I got this brain, oh this brain confusion, well I'm tired, I'm tired, so ta-ta-ta-ta-tired of ???. Life is a funny game, it seeems so strange to me, with people masquerading. and if you're listening, and don't know what I mean, look into a mirror and tell me what you see, tell me all you're a little like me. Hey.. lonely people, I'm talking 'bout lonely people like me." Suzi Quatro, by the way, usually is the one I end up listening to, once I start listening to various songs in my iTunes library..

- Gina Jacobi: "Lonely Life"
Hey.. I love her, you know, and the song is so.. "heavy" and powerful at the same time as it's so touching in a way that sort of make your heart cry. Kinda like it as well, because it's so much Gina, with her trademarks in every note of it.

- The Beautiful South: "Should've kept my eyes shut"
Nobody can make songs that's so playful as Beautiful South, and nobody could do as sad songs.. and certainly not mix those with that ease.. So sad and scary, yet the ironic touches.

should've kept my eyes shut
But I had to go and peep
But when you saw what I saw
Well, it's hard just to roll back to sleep
I would've kept my eyes shut
But I thought I heard you scream
And l've a penchant for violence
You don't seem to find in a dream
The scene a little clearer
My father with a rope
And in the cage, centre-stage
It's mother who's destined to choke
And she choke and we choke
On the words that we wish we'd not spoke
Just when you felt you had someone to trust
Out comes the man with the dagger and cloak
I should've read the novels
Believed every word
But the stories they wrote
Were so different to ones that I'd heard
I should 've kept my eyes shut
My mouth should've closed
But the mixture of vomit and blood
Just crept up through my nose
It became a little clearer
As soon as I awoke
My father stands with rope in hand
A screaming mother kneels in hope
And she hope and we hope
That me words that she said won't provoke
A smile is removed and a petal is crushed
What once was a laugh has turned into... a joke
You should've kept your mouth shut(repeat)

- Blondie: "Contact in Red Square"
Tricky one, since Blondie's "Plastic Letters" album must be the best album ever, 'nuff said, so picking one song out of it.. impossible.. "Denis", the last song played in the speakers before Gyllene Tider went on during their tour last year, to sort of pump up the audience. "Contact in Red Square" starting as a "thrilller" and turning into this wild and playful and jumpy ditty", "I didn't have the nerve to say no", the one I almost picked. "Love at the Pier" really rocks. "Detroit 442".. speedy to say the least. totally wild.

- Alice: Summer on a Solitary Beach
Her extremely powerful and wonderful voice with the beautyful music only Italians seem able to master. Total magic.

Your turn: Since I refuse to force people to "have to do something", I do as nangijala and leave it open for anyone to do it..

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