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Chapter 1,278 - How aware they seem to be about Neighbour votes..

Watching the votes in ESC..

There has been a lot about neighbouring countries voting for each other. A lot complains about that, thinking Eastern Europe have that to thank for their wins. (At the same time forgetting that it's always been that way. May the best song with the most neighbours win, and Scandinavian aren't any better than others).

I think that's natural. Living in Sweden, I have a far bigger chance of hearing Norway's song than Andorra's song, etc.

Of course, neighbouring countries have a similar culture, which make each other's songs sound closer to heart, sound slightly more "right".

Especially in Eastern Europe, they've always been good at promoting themselves, by touring in the other countries, having their songs played on the radio etc, which make the songs familiar in the neighbouring countries by the time for the final.

Even if it have been some of it the past years, it's a lot of it this year. The avareness of voting on a neigbouring country, by the ones presenting each countries votes. The sort of.. "And.. surprise, surprise.. of course we give 12 points to our neighbour".

Interesting.. Turkey gave Greece 12 points.. Neighbours, but up until about 5 years ago, bitter enemies. The thing is.. some years ago, there was a huge earthquake in mainly Turkey, which affected Greece as well. Greece was close, and fast to offer help, which was accepted by Turkey. Then they discovered. Hey.. We're both humans, and we're not that different. Before that, of course, the other country was described by the other as populated by inhuman monsters.
You could feel the difference when watching the Olympics in Athen, when they often played Turkish hits at the arenas etc.
Now, being somewhat close, and with Greece having one of the favorite songs (and most likely the winner), nothing stopped Turkey giving the 12 points that Greece deserves, while some years ago, Greece getting a point from Turkey would have been impossible..

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