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Chapter 1,277 - How I suspect foul play in the ESC..

Now, half of the production team comes from Sweden..

Norway thanked Sweden for fixing such great sound, but I do think they have a reason to complain now, since it didn't sound as good tonight. There are other songs too, as one of the favorites, Greece's, that sounded a touch "muted".

While Sweden's song, "Las Vegas" sounded exceptionally good, with a big "show" sound. Sort of a "full" sound.

One of the few songs with a big sound, that sounds full. Most other with a big sound, sounds a touch "limited", while the "Voice" acts, without too much music, has faired well with the sound.

Did the Swedes have a button that said.. "Full sound" on it??

Hungary.. Ruslana Light, but.. I kinda like it.. (and no.. not because I just came home from Budapest :-P)

Norway still has a chance.. wih their Metal light, even if they didn't sound as sure as they could..

Moldova are dangerous..

Israel has a nice power ballad..

Sweden.. Good performance, that might kick it up into top 10..

Switzerland.. might take the votes from Norway..

France.. terrible singer, but the song actually is good. Nice feeling..

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