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Chapter 1,274 - How I declare Wiley Miller god..

The great thing with Non Sequitur is the fact that it's such a lot of things, since there's no main characters (or really, a great gallery of them) the way you had with Calvin & Hobbes, Bloom County, Peanuts etc. That way, the comic could be anything. In a sense, you get 4 stories in one.

The above example, is my favorite, where Wiley with extremely simple means totally disarms and expose stuff through some kind of twist.

Now, on Sundays, he has a running story: "Ordinary Basil", which drives some people nuts because Wiley has set up a really interesting story, but only tell them 2 images at a time. That's like getting a new page of "Lord of the Rings" once every week. Most likely, Ordinary Basil will be collected in a book some day, but I guess a lot of the charm would be missed by that. Not to mention one would miss the LJ comments from all the ones slowly building up a frustration of the non-action... :-p

The most ordinary is the running Kate (with family) character, which is similar to "Calvin & Hobbes" in many way, but more political and cynical.

Similar to the first, but still a strand of it's own, are the People in situations strips. Sort of hard to explain exactly how those strands differ from each other.

For everybody having pets.. a dog (or cat), this is the strip for you..

Go get the Non Sequitur Feed on LJ..

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