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Chapter 1,273 - How I surf various celebrity blogs.. and admire Russian postcards

I'm still fixing pictures from the Budapest trip.. Sorting through 940 images took an awful lot of time, and having in the evenings this week, I've not had that much time. At least, now I've sorted the pics and is just making finishing touches to them.


For some reason, both of the main Swedish evening papers have discovered there's things called "Blogs". About 2-4 years late, but.. Their craze now, is that all and then some, of their "famous" journalists have their own blogs on their sites ( and

When it comes to "blogs", or contact with their fans, there's some famous people taking the opportunity to express themselves on the net.

Jenna Elfman have a neat Official site, that have a personal feeling to it. Even if it's a company designing and maintaining it, it feel as if Jenna keep an eye on it, to see to it that it reflects herself. And, of course, she do post "letters" every now and then.

Jamie Oliver have a slightly more "professional" site, but with the benefit of both a diary as well as a moblog. And, of course, one could always pick up a recipe, in between him wanting you to buy his books etc.

When it comes to a journaling, I guess Moby's is the most "everyday" and closer to the look and feel of how people in, say, LJ write.

Lions Gate Directors feature a series of journals, on a professional note, by various directors, and among those are David Duchovny writing about his "House of D", among others. Through that site I also found a very interesting site for the movie Saw which isn't for those afraid of the dark. That site is very suggestive and "scary". Nothing you prefer surfing a dark night with the lights turned off. (I bet jema would love that site :-p).

A slightly "coldish" touch to William Gibson's blog, and it's sort of tricky to get into. It feels as if you have to start from the beginning, in order to catch up on the running themes.

By far, the BEST (in my view) is Rosie O'Donnell's. Interesting, fun, personal and all written in verse... actually feels really honest, compared to being a PR blog.

a lot more could be found on


I got a wonderful postcard from kinobar today.. Made me feel way better. Thank you!! :) (I've always loved that style, by the way. Especially this one:

It's in the traditional Russian style of the 30's - 50's, as can be seen at

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