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Chapter 1,272 - How I'm getting so bored of sorting photos..

Still sorting pics from the Budapest trip..



It's so boring, and so slow, and so hard..

Right now I'm looking at 20 images I've taken of one bridge, and then I've already deleted some of the obvious duplicates.

Not the same bridge I'm doing now, but this is what I'm facing..

Now, I do like both, for different reasons. The good things with the top one, isn't in the bottom one, and vice versa. At times like this, one really wished that the top image had turned out like the bottom one. As in.. one image that had been perfect in all ways..

Even if both of the images are good and beautiful. That's one of the reason, I think, it's so tricky for a lot of photographers to be totally happy about their images.

If I present one or the other to an audicence, you would most likely like that image. Thinking it's a good image. But since I've seen both (actually it was 4 from the start), and seen the good and bad things of those, I know what the ideal image would have been like, and that way can't see to full greatness of one image like that.

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