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Chapter 1,267 - How we do in Sweden the last day of April

Ok.. so we've all gathered a lot of stuff that burns.. Garden waste after having cleaned up after the winter, preparing the garden for the spring etc, then on April 30, we burn that up as some local man's choir sings songs about winter having ended, and it's time for summer. Maybe someone have a speech of some kind. Then all ends with fireworks, or well.. that's before people get totally wasted drinking stuff that has a percentage sign on the label.

Tradition, at least around here, seem to be that the weather usually totally sucks that evening.. All of April, it can be wonderful weather with sunshine etc, but then comes April 30 and it's cold, windy, rainy or snow in the air. Often, the fire is a relief.

Now, due to unfortunate events, I wasn't able to really make it in time, essentially coming there about the same time the firework ended :( (It had to do with getting gas in the car, and a lot of struggles taking some 15 mins, to get that).

But was able to get some pictures, if without fireworks..

I tried taking 10 images of the last one, where they did their best killing the fire. It was, so.. well.. Great with the fire, the smoke and the headlights cutting through the smoke etc, but was unable to get a really great image of it (sort of missing a couple of moments that looked somewhat great, but also being a lot of images where some parts are good, but not the others, and some that do look good, but only if you know what's happening in the image)

Some examples:


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