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Chapter 1,261 - How the rich gets richer

There was a show in Denmark where all the profit would have went to starving children in the world.

It would've have worked fine, if it hadn't been for Tina Turner who asked for close to 2 million dollars to perform 2 songs, 2 of her old hits, that she did "singback".

Now, of course, a lot of the blame could be put on the arrangers, who agreed to pay her as much as she demanded (She was a last minute replacement for Diana Ross who cancelled).

True. As far as I know, she has stopped performing etc, so in that sense it was a rare performance etc, but still..

Why do we read, over and over, about really famous artists that kill charitable events, by essentially charging full price, or more for that odd performance?

Now, I've never understood the taste in music in Denmark. A mix of, what it seem, trad jazz, boogie and blues, but.. Diana Ross and Tina Turner. Famous names, but.. aren't they a touch old? Would certainly give a slight exclusive feeling to the show, but..

If they demanded an old, black artist, I'm sure they could have found someone else, who wouldn't have charged as much.. (or better, nothing at all except the traveling expenses)

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