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May the force be with you.. or???

The Pope seem to be dying, and as it seem, it's only hours before he is dead..
It wasn't long since Terry died..

Always in history, Christians have been hard on science, or alternative ways of doing things.

All science, including medicine has had to fit into the frame of Christianity, when the only education and science was carried out by the Church.. (One reason behind the hunting down on witches once upon a time, since those diminished the power of the priests and scientists educated within the church.

They've also been extremely good in, at least in USA, to wanting to control education and wanting the Holy Bible to be the dominating guide, rather than scientific discoveries that doesn't fold in under Christian views.

Now, what happened with the "Put your trust in God"-thing?

Which is what a lot of fundamentalists, such as Jehovah's Witnesses does, which preach that God creates and cures diseases and refuse any medical treatment in favor of a belief in God.

For being so extremely much against science, lately they've put a lot of their faith in results of science.

The Pope have escaped death more times than one can count thanks to the wonders of medicine (Even if a lot say it's a miracle that he's been able to survive as long as he has done).

Prayers couldn't cure Terry, nor could it stop her from dying.

It becomes strange when they, at the same time doesn't want humans to decide over life and death, and at the same time doesn't want humans to meddle with God's ways. Exactly which way do they want it?

It's also weird when the same that say that humans don't have the right to decide over matter of life and death, as in abortions, at the same time take it upon themselves to judge and execute people.

Christians complain that people commit sins and doesn't live according to God's ways. No wonder, when it's so hard to make sense out of what Christians see as the right thing. To show exactly what leg to stand on.

Do I believe in God? Yes, Maybe, No. I don't know. I never really think about it, since it's pointless. If there is, there is, if not, there isn't. No matter what, the important thing, in my view, is to live in a good way and not cause destruction and hurt. One shouldn't need a God as an excuse to live that way.

No matter if your next is a God's creation or not, one should treat one's next in a good way. No matter if that forrest and all the creatures living up there in Alaska, is God's creation or not, it should be treated with respect and not become victim of "personal" greed.

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