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I've added some stuff to my photographic equipment..

Soon it might even be complete :-p

Bought a Portable Storage.. X's Drive II, with 40 GB HD. Even if there's a couple I wanted more, this was the one that fitted the best. It was cheap, you're able to change the HD in it, it's USB 2.0 and it does take most Memory Cards, oh.. and works with a Mac without a problem (The one I wanted the most, do have support for Macintosh, but you need to install new Firmware (which by the way only can be made from a PC). Sounded too problematic and risky..

A lot of those take only Compact Flash, and comes with an adapter for other cards, and who wants to bring that adapter with you all the time?

Then a couple of filters for the 5o mm Sigma Macro. I think I now have lenses in about all usual diameters.. 49 mm, 52 mm, 55 mm and 58 mm.. Boring, when you need filters for all that. I know there's step-up rings, but.. as with the Portable Storage.. it's fiddly to have to bring an accessory to the accessories, especially if you would have to start messing around with the filters in the middle of shooting.

Thought about one thing.. when it comes to photography. The accessories never stops.. You buy some kind of accessory, and find out that.. it would be practical if you bought those accessories to that accessory as well..

Even if I'm extremely anti-equipment..

Still, I do think I really want that carrying strap for the tripod, and those retractable spike feet..

And I so need a huge bag to carry all of it, in case I need that.. Looking at the LowePro Magnum bag, which seem to fit all (even if it comes at a price.. such as.. $250 or something like that.) :(

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