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how tedious..

I'm mostly doing extremely boring stuff at the moment..

Halfway fun, at least, is to rip CDs..

I'm doing A - Z (Actually. A - Å) of my CD collection, ripping all the songs I like out of those albums.. In part to have them on the computer, in part to be able to save them all on DVDs, and have a sort of concentrated collection.. Obviously.. being able to have all the songs on the iPod is a good thing as well..

The problem.. it's not as fun as one might think, doing it like that.. and often sort of tricky.. it's first of all hard to know.. "Do I like this song or not??", second.. at times it's tricky to remember what one's doing.. Often it becomes.. "Am I gonna want to listen to this on my iPod, ever??", and that's the wrong criteria, because there's song one likes a lot, but isn't exactly songs one would listen to when out walking etc.. The one, one would listen to the first 10 seconds of, before skipping to the next song.. While it would be great to access on the computer at times..

Sometimes it feels great.. in a bad way.. as now..

Listening to the Kate Bush Album: The Dreaming. One of the very best albums I have, and of course.. it's hard not to listen to it.. Great hearing it. but.. not exactly productive..

The song.. "The Dreaming".. just the kind of song I like, with all the sounds.. and then the way it flows into "Night of the Swallow".

One of those rare albums I just rip right off.. because there's simply no song that's not great..

Other albums I've ripped (or is gonna rip whole).. The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper and the Lonely Hearts Club Band, Dalbello: Womenfoursays (and most likely her "She", as well), Buddy Holly: From the original master tapes, Marianne Faithful: Broken English, Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Welcome to the Pleasuredome, Alice: Gioielli rubati, Gina Jacobi: Det här är bara början, a couple of Talking Heads albums..

The other, incredible boring task is to sort fonts..

I love fonts.. Really do..

But.. they're always a problem of some kind..

I started with over 2,000 fonts on the computer.. I sorted out most of those that lack letters, such as the Swedish Å, Ä and Ö. (Unless the font is spectacular in some way, and worth keeping). The next task.. trying to find duplicates, or essential duplicates. I mean.. in the end, you never use the 4 variation of Courier you end up having..

Having done that, I'm now down to about 1,400 fonts.. Out of those.. I want to get down to about 200 fonts I want installed on the computer.. The rest I'll keep, but on a CD or something.. and how the heck does one decide which fonts one wants.. before another.. is Times or Georgia or Garamond or Century Schoolbook the Antigua you want? and what about Boston?? Not made easier, since Times work best on paper, while Times New Roman works better on screen, even if Georgia is the best one when it comes to using on the computer. Some fonts work perfect for headlines, other is great for running text, while some are decorative in general. That's the charm with fonts.. To be able to select fonts, which reflects a mood, gives a certain impression, are just stunningly beautiful etc.. But at the same time, of course.. a curse, when it comes to those hours of work figuring out which font you want to use for a project you're doing.

The worst thing is that I really have to do it, since.. as it is now.. all the fonts are avaible to the computer, and it's not exactly the best thing with 1,400 fonts installed..
As for the computer, it doesn't protest, neither a lot of programs.
But some programs do. Photoshop, as an example, only show a limited amount of fonts, which make it hard to use.. say.. "Nancy Blue", since it only show A - Ci now..
Some other programs, simply doesn't want to run, crashing as it loads all the fonts.
And.. of course.. it's not fun when the font menu is on "Bailey" and you want to use "Universal", at the other end of a very, very, very long list, which takes like a minute to scroll through..

That way, it's something that needs to be done, before I can start doing other things I'd rather spend the time doing..

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