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I really should get going starting to take photos..

Except photographing at a Party at work a week, or so, ago, I haven't done much photographing with the new camera at all..

Part of it being that I haven't had much time.. The main reason being that there's not much to photograph.. Having photographed most of what's worth photographing in Sandviken already, it feels slightly pointless photographing the same stuff again. Maybe it's not pointless, but it's hard to motivate yourself doing it. With a winter which looks an awfully lot like October or March or something.. No snow, no leafs on trees etc.. it's really boring outside.. Neither the pleasures of summer, nor the beauty of winter..

I'm off from work next week, and I do think I'll try to get out some.. do some trips.. Go places I've not been to, that much, etc.. See if I could get some photographing done..

well.. at least I've been using it some..


I chatted some with anniz about it.. "Shouldn't I be excited about having a new camera".

Actually, I'm not.. Equipment, at least not photographic, doesn't excite me much. With images being the important thing when it comes to photography for me, a camera is just a tool.. Nothing more or less... It's the lust for photography, or the idea of an image that do get me excited.

Now, of course.. I've own a SLR camera for years, and this is only a digital version of one.. As for digital, I've been photographing with a digital camera for some years now.. That way, I do know how the camera works etc..

"So, why spend an awful lot of money on it?"

Well.. I've got a 35 mm SLR. That one I uses for "serious" stuff.. If I do projects etc, or need special images where one need a special film etc.. (or if I for some reason got lust to spend time in a lab.. Ha ha ha.. as if that would happen!!! :-p). But, of course, film does have it's limitations, since you need to process films, make copies and all that.. it's not a fast medium..

I've got a "compact" Digital, which could be great to have handy.. To just bring along when you take a stroll, in case something would catch the eye.. The thing is, I don't consider it a "serious" camera. It doesn't have a "lasting" quality. Nothing I would use for what I consider serious work..

That's where the Digital SLR comes in. If not a Professional D-SLR, at least not far behind one. It has a totally different quality from the Digital Compact.. It feels as if I could do serious work with it, such as portraits etc, and maybe use for some projects. Might not have the quality of Film, but do have the advantage of speed.

What else could I say about the stuff I bought..

Well.. I'm really impressed with the Manfrotto Tripod. I kinda like them, because they're so well designed. It might not differ much, in general.. in quality etc, from another "serious" Tripod, but Manfrotto Tripods really have flexibility. As reversing colums etc.. and.. They sort of think about everything.. As usual, it's not as much the general features, as much as it's in the small details.. (One of the reason why I love Mac OS such a lot more than Windows. Even if they generally look the same, and the functions are basically the same, Mac OS has always been about the small details. Small things that are kinda "obvious" and make life easier. Nothing you think about as such, but really misses when you end up in Windows).

The scanner is great. Now I haven't tried scanning negatives, but.. the build of the scanner is so great, it's really fast and really easy to use. One of the reasons I never got around to scan much with my previous scanner, was because it took so long, and you basically had to do a lot of stuff on every scan.. This one.. Put the document on, hit scan and it's done, and you could do the next.. Having a whole pile of stuff to scan, it's really easy to work yourself through that pile..

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