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While the whole of LJ goes down thanks to lack of power, we lost power here in Sandviken too.. Which is about the first time in some years.. It must be at least 5 - 10 years since I were without power for longer than 1 minute.

Sat here, watching the news on TV, ironically about 50,000 in the south of Sweden being without power, still, since the major storm earlier (It brought down as many trees as is cut down in 3 years, and at least 3 - 4 persons has commited suicide as a result of losing maybe 75 - 80% of their woods).

Suddenly, everything went completely dark and very silent. It was dark outside, and with all streetlights going out as well, there were absolutely no light. Not enough to bring any light into the apartment at all, so it really was like closing your eyes dark. I had actually thought about getting candles for the candelabra just 5 - 10 mins before, but for some reason didn’t. Now I had to fumble my way to the kitchen in the dark, find the candles etc.. Wondering why on earth I hadn’t done it before..

Sat here with the candles lit, wondering what the heck I should do.. if it was gonna be some time before the power came back or not.. and of course, if it was just here or if the whole town was without power..

I could have fetched a book and started reading, or starting to write a couple of letters I’m overdue with.. Had been thinking about making it to the store earlier, and in the end I decided to go and see if the store had power or not.

Getting outside was kinda cool. Only parts of the town were without power, and the light from those parts were enough to create a cool sort of “glow”, instead of it being pitch black. Sort of dark, but at the same time not, and you being able to make out the houses etc.. It felt kinda nice, too, to walk past the houses with lit candles inside.

It’s strange how powerline is drawn, as it appeared. This area were I live was out of electricity.. actually it seems most of what was south of a certain street, but along one street here the streetlights were on. Came downtown and all lights were out, except for the Christmas lights they’ve put up in the trees along the pedestrian street downtown.. That was real neat, and I sure wished it was like that more..

Just came on that street, when the lights turned on.. Further down the street, there were a group of people that had gathered around someone lying down in the street, who seemed hurt in some way. Went along and got some money from the ATM, and when I walked back, an ambulance turned up and took care of him. No idea what happened to him. Wondered if I would go to a store where I buy magazines in, but went back to the grocery store where I buy most of my food etc.. Noticed that the lights in the area where I live hadn’t turned back on, and neither at the store.. Actually, when I got close to the store, all the lights around there went out again, but only for a minute or two. Decided I should try downtown again, so I went back (if another way), went there but they didn’t had much of what I wanted. Got some chocolate at least :)

Went back, basically the same way. The lights had came back on at the store and in the area where I live, but saw the people working at the store heading out, despite it being some time before their regular closing time. Understandably, since the lights had been out for 30 - 45 mins by then, and it wasn’t that long until they was gonna close anyway.. maybe 10 mins or so...

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