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I use NewsFire for RSS feeds, and it’s a really great program.. but..

soon I think I’ll start using some other, being bored with it being in constant work..

I don’t remember which was the first version I downloaded of it, about a month and a half ago..

0.3.? something, I think.. Yes.. it’s Beta.. (So far I haven’t had the slightest problem with it)

But, I just deleted 2 previous versions of it from my HD, using version 0.4. Got a message saying that there was a new version, 0.5, avaible, and did I want to download it..

Yes! Clicked OK, and was brought to the download-page, and there it says.. “Download Version 0.6”

If you can stand all the updates, it’s a really good (and rock solid) Mac RSS client, and I really reckommend it..

It also confirms to Apple’s style, in everything but having the Search-field at the bottom, rather than up at the top..

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