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Japan has promised 500 million dollars to the UN relief fund..

USA 350 million..

UK gives 96 million dollar

Sweden contributes with 76 million dollar


Tonight both Swedish Televsion “SVT” and the other terrestrial broadcaster TV 4 has held an event to collect money (The TV 4 event has been shown in their competing Swedish satellite channels TV 3 and Kanal 5). SVT and TV 4 co-operated in order to not overlap each other, and make sure it covered most of the evening

Together they’ve gathered 51 million dollars to add to the about 9 million dollars they had gathered before, in private contributions.. Bringing the total Swedish contributions close to 140 million dollars.. (fairly good, considering that we’re only 9 million people living in Sweden, which equals about $15/person).

UK has got 115 million dollars in private contributions.. (About 210 million dollars in all.. = $3.5/person)

I haven’t seen a number for any of the countries, but it’s record numbers both in USA and Australia when it comes to private donations..


Maybe there’s hope for humanity after all.. Even if I hope it doesn’t stay with this..

Maybe not a direct disaster of the magnitude of what happened in South East Asia, but people tend to forget that there’s a disaster going on all the time, with millions of people dying from hunger or diseases in the world. 24,000 people on average is dying as a result of hunger every single day.

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