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Thinking about what I would buy..

As you know, I’ve planned to buy a new Digital camera sometime in January/February.. Easier said than done, when there’s a Digital SLR, and you need a lot of extra stuff such as memory cards etc..

This is what I plan to buy (Even if I might not order everything at the same time)

Pentax *ist DS + 18 - 55 lens

Memory Cards: SanDisc SD 1GB Ultra II + SanDisc SD 256 MB

SanDisk ImageMate USB 2.0 Reader SecureDigital/Multimediacard

Portable HD w. built-in Memory Card reader (20 GB Compact Drive PD6A ??)

Pentax Remote Control

4 x Li-ion rechargeable CR-V3 + Charger

Tripod: Manfrotto 055 CLB PRO + Head: Manfrotto 141RC

1 or 2 camera bags.. not sure which yet.. I want a very small one, with room for only the camera with lens + another lens.. and some additional stuff such as batteries, memory cards etc.. + a large bag where I’m able to have like.. everythiing.. Olympus, both Pentax bodies, lenses, flash etc.. Probably 2 LowePro bags.. Nova AW 1 and Nova AW 5??

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