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Tiger Rag

I seem to love animals with stripes..

Most of you know my absolute favorite animal in the world is the Tiger..

It’s such a beautiful and impressive animal, with the power and size, at the same time as it moves in such a great, soft way..

The head is wonderfully shaped, the colours with that orange yellow and the brown-black stripes.. Image-wise, it’s perfect..

I just got an ATM card, Maestro WWF, with a Tiger on it..

My one favorite team I have in sport, even if I’m not totally fanatic (and it’s the only team in the world I do care about), is the Swedish hockey team Brynäs, from the neighbouring town, and they have the nickname Tigers (They have always had black dresses with red and yellow stripes on the shoulders, so when it became popular to nickname the teams, it was natural with Tigers.

The next Mac OS is gonna be the first “real” Mac OS X, in a sense.. Up until now, they’ve upgraded OS mostly to get it to work as good as it can. A sort of work in process. Tiger is the first where they say.. “Now we have a fully working OS, now.. let’s get to work, and create the very best and useful OS there could ever be”.

I just read that, in a poll among Animal Planets, the Tiger was voted the most popular animal, with 21% of the 53,000 votes, even if it was a really close margin to the number two, the dog, with only 17 votes difference. Dolphin ended up on the third place.

Animal Planet Popular Animal

Now, I do think that might have some to do with Animal Planet, at least here, has been good at showing programs about tigers lately, which of course means a lot more can be impressed by it and get to know about it.. But also.. Traditionally Animal Planet has been very good at showing Crocs, Snakes, Spiders and Lions. Enough to make you fed up with seeing a single program about another snake etc, and in that sense, programs about Tigers might be more interesting, since there’s not been that many before..

Still.. I like it, of course.. :)

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