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Among the more filmed stories, is the story of Zatoichi. The story of the blind swordsman. There’s been a series of no less than 20 movies with him + a USA remake known as Blind Fury (Which happens to be one of Rutger Hauer’s best films, or well.. one of his most fun, at least).

And the question is, if not the Trinity movies, as well as My name is Nobody, isn’t in part based on Zatoichi.

The new Zaotichi, which doesn’t look like much else, really plays out a lot like one of the Terence Hill-movies.

You have the “happy” and carefree person who wanders around, loves to play tricks, doesn’t look like much on the outisde but turns out to be a master “fighter”. Turns up in some town which he cleans out of it’s tyrranic “gangsters” and saves the poor.

One of the very basic stories, be it Zatoichi, Nobody/Trinity, the Three Amigos, the man with no name or Shane, all because of it’s univeral and simple story which could be used in such a lot of different ways..

That it goes a long way is visible in the fact that Takeshi Kitano won the Silver Lion (Director) aa the Venice Film Festival (But then, Italy and Venice has always had a good eye towards China and Japan (Be it stealing both Pasta and Pizza for food, re-making Samurai-movies as westerns or always awarding Asian films at the Venice film festival (If the Americans uses Cannes as it’s prime opener of movies, Asia uses Venice Film Festival to be noticed in the west)), and this strange mix of a movie sure deserves it..

The “ads” say that it’s a movie like nobody you’ve seen before. That’s not the case, even if it’s a lot more rare today, but with a movie that mixes slapstick comedy with fight scenes with such a lot of blood it makes the imfamous Monty Python “Blood Sketch” seem restrained and end it all with a 60-people full out tap dance number, you know you’re in for something “weird”.

Lots of images from Zatoichi

Official Japanese site (use cursor over menu to get english menus)

Interesting and strangely feel-good, so it’s reckommended..

Even if it still makes me puzzled about why Quentin Tarantino decided to censor Kill Bill in the West, when there’s other movies, such as Zatoichi or Musa - The Princess Warrior that show even more violence and blood than Kill Bill have in it’s unedited version.. ??

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