Thom' Luka (luka91) wrote,
Thom' Luka

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More snow

Last night I worked, I brought my camera with the intention of taking some pictures of the snow, when walking home again..

Normally, I would’ve posted these in luka91_photo only, but thought I would make a last photographic post here, before I start posting only in that journal.. (That way, if you like my images and want to continue seeing them, you should add that journal to friends)

But.. here’s some photos..

And yes.. I do know they have a colour tint, but it’s tricky to know what to do..

Some images I’ve tried to take away the cast, at the same time, the lights are yellowish for real, which gives a lot of atmosphere when you walk around, but trying to get that, more natural yellow cast take away a lot of the atmosphere from the photos, and actually make them feel less like it feel when you see it live. So, these photos doesn’t exactly look as it does in RL, but captures what it feels like in RL because of that.

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