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"But where we once stood lie only footprints in the snow" - Vertical Horizon

1:30 a.m.

The first snow of the season :)

Now.. it's like 5 hrs later, and we have about 2 inches of snow already..

It's been half bad down south.. not that much snow, but windy and some snow..

Came home, start the TV with the morning news, and the first thing I see is "The arrival of winter: Direct from Sandviken"

It seems that here in Sandviken is where we're expected to get the most snow..

Toyed with the idea of going out and photograph, but.. well.. the weather really sux..

It's not that big snow flakes, but one heck of a lot of them, and they're sort of wet.. and windy.. so.. it's sort of nasty weather to be out in (and I'm not sure I want to expose the camera to this much wetness.. ). If it had been big "dry" snowflakes, and calm, I wouldn't sit here write this, but be out with the camera..

Looking out the window.. it's.. "geez.. it's really snowing!!!"

This is gonna be fun :) :) :)

I hope we get at least 10 inches :)

Oh.. and.. coming from work.. there's a bridge over the railroad.. always nasty for the lorries, since it's sort of long and getting steeper and steeper.. and.. the first lorry was stuck there.. getting nowhere fast.. and the "scary" thing.. it hadn't even made it that far.. only about 15 - 20 meters/50 - 60 ft from where it starts to go uphill.. and it had about as much to go before it gets to a x-ing, where it can turn off (Since there's no chance in hell it's gonna make it up the bridge)

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