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Also checked this

Earth influence: The Harvesting Time.
Influencing wind: The South Winds. Totem: Mouse.
Direction: South-south-west.
Predominant elements: Earth with Water.
Elemental clan: Turtle (Earth) Clan. Function: to modify.
Birth and animal totem: Brown Bear.
Plant totem: Violets.
Mineral totem: Topaz.
Polarity totem: Wolf.
Affinity colours: Brown and violet.
Musical vibration: G natural.
Personality: Industrious. Unassuming. Practical. Fastidious.
Feelings: Warm. Analytical.
Intention: Practicality.
Nature: Considerate.
Positive traits: Modest. Discriminating. Meticulous.
Negative traits: Fault-finding. Finicky. Hypocritical. Fussy.
Sex-drive: Moralistic.
Compatibilities: Geese and Beavers.
Conscious aim: Sifting and striving.
Subconscious desire: Perfection.
Life-path: Discrimination.
I Ching trigram: Chen. Arousing Thunder. Desire for liberation.
Spiritual alchemy: Yin predominates.
Must cultivate: Optimism. Tolerance.
Must avoid: Scepticism. Fault-finding. Procrastination.
Starting totems: Brown Bear. Mouse. Turtle. Violet. Topaz. Wolf.

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