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A cruel picture..

I wrote about the movie "Thriller - En Grym Film", the movie that was the main inspiration to QT's "Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2"

Found something on the net about it..

"I bought THRILLER and got arrested!!!!!
« on: 09/11/04 at 02:58:02 »

Here's a horror story involving good old Canada customs.
I have a postal box in the US where I have my dvds sent to because we have nothing in the stores around my place in Montreal. I went to the US today to pick up some dvds that I had waiting for me. When I came back into Canada, I declared everything thinking I would pay the taxes and that's that. Well after waiting about an hour, the custom's women comes back with a guy who proceeds to tell me I'm under arrest for trying to smuggle child pornography. I freak out and say there's no way I have any of that but they don't listen and slap the cuffs on me and bring me to a holding cell and take my shoe laces and belt so I don't hang myself. While I'm waiting, I'm trying to figure out which of the films could have any nudity with minors and I can't come up with any because I have no interest in that and wouldn't be stupid enough to bring it across the border if I did. Anyways the women comes back a little later to see if I want anything like water or something and I ask which film got me in trouble. Turns out it's THRILLER : A CRUEL PICTURE. She said that the girl looked like a minor. I can't believe this shit I tell her. Synapse is a reputable company and there's no way they'd release anything with child porn. I even told them to call the company because they must have some kind of records. Anyways, after waiting a couple of hours and speaking to a Lawyer who wasn't that much help, the RCMP arrives and I get to talk with them about this. Seems like there's a very fine line between what's obscene and what's illegal. I tell them that this film is not child porn and that the actress is of legal age. I've heard lots about this film and never have I heard that the actress was underage. Have you? I heard she was in her twenties. Anyways, they finally say that after viewing the contents of the film that it doesn't fall into what they classify as offensive material so they don't arrest me but they keep the disc. They also confiscated EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD. They said these discs would be sent to Ottawa to be properly inspected and I could still be brought up on charges. Do you believe this shit??"

Christina Lindberg, by the way, was 24 when she made that movie..

At the time, one of Sweden's most popular and famous nude models..

Interesting facts about her..

She's directed and released a video called "Christina's Mushroom School", and her passion is aircraft and at the moment she's working for a magazine in Sweden about aircraft..

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