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And I forgot to bring any Kleenex..

I saw "House of Flying Daggers" yesterday, and Yimou Zhang (The director), sure is taking a place among my favorite filmmakers..

Actually, he did got that place after "Hero", but I should've known better and put him there long ago, knowing his earlier films as well..

All the films I've seen of him has been really great, only that I've been sloppy and not really noted it has been him all along, doing those films.

As for House of Flying Daggers, it's somewhere between "Hero" and "Raise the Red Latern". Not as epic and big as Hero, but sharing a lot of the same kind of action and scenery. He sure seem to like to place action against mountains full of autumn trees.

Those being in awe of the action and beauty of "Hero". Let me say.. You've seen nothing. There's scenes in House of Flying Daggers that surpass about everything I've seen. The way they're filmed, and the impact. Most reviewers mention the fight in the Bamboo forrest, and I have to mention it too. Not as much for the action in itself, as the beauty of it, as well as the fact that it sort of starts out good and then simply put in another gear and becomes so totally great, one can't even start to describe it.

Still that's only one of many stunning scenes..

It's not as great as Hero, and way more "standard" in story. Still, it's better than most one can see, and should be seeing..

And yes.. bring Kleenex..

I had a problem all the way driving home, to not have tears rolling down my cheeks..

As with most of his other films, including Hero, it's a tragic drama, and extremely strong on emotion, but obviously still in a sort of feel good way..

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