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Pantone Spyder

Oh.. and with the new computer..

Bought a couple of new things :)

First of all a new 7-port USB 2.0 Hub (Kensington) which looks awesome.

But most important.. the Pantone ColorVision Spyder :)

Now, at least, I should be able to trust my screen, that what I see is correct.

Now, if I only had a new monitor as well.. :-p

The problem is that good CRT monitors are getting hard to get, with the introduction of Flat Panels, and the reason for that isn't the fact that Flat panels are better. In fact, the reason why I wouldn't want on, is the fact that they're far worse, in my view.

They do look good, they don't take as much space, which I guess is the thing that make people lust for them.

Still.. a Flat Panel only show somewhere between 200,000 - 260,000 colours, as opposite to the 16.5 million colours a CRT are able to show. Even if one might need those million of colours as such, it does create a limited image, in some sense. It's hard to really say what it is, but it's as if LCD images simply aren't as "rich", and since images are my pet interest, I want as much of it as possible.

Obviously, a flat panel also have a fixed resolution. Not a problem as such. One only buys a Flat panel with the resolution one needs. The main problem, in that respect, is that one might get scaling effects when the graphics card try to match the pixels.

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