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This is actually the very first post I'm doing with the new computer..

First, it was the matter of organazing all the stuff on the old computer and save it to CDs in a good way, to save it all up in an organized way once and for all. Even if there's one folder, when installing stuff on this computer that I seem to have missed :( (Luckily I've got most of it saved on earlier CDs, so I'll have to get all of it from there instead and put it all back together and save it new).

When I was finished doing that, I made the switch to the new computer, meaning I had to basically take everything away from the desk and start putting it back in a new order, with all cables going to the right places.. *sigh*.

It all went fine, except for one thing.. It's not good to use the power-converter for the Scanner in the Cable-Modem. Especially not since the Scanner wants 12V and the Modem 5V... :(

It became.. "Wake up and smell the smoke"-realisation.. Except that it didn't smoke.. only ceased to function, so here I was with a new computer, and no InterNet-connection.. Very bad timing, since there's tons of programs needing to be upgraded etc..

At least it gave me time to sit down and install everything and try to figure out some way of organizing stuff in the new OS etc, and try to figure out how stuff works on the new computer.

In general: The computer is blistering fast, in the sense that you don't need to wait for anything to happen (more or less). The only problem with that, at times, is that it's confusing sometimes, when things happens so fast you're not sure if it did work or not. As for Mac OS X. There's things I like, and things I don't like. The worst thing is still that it's a bit confusing, in the sense that, with the old "Classical" OS it was more direct. You had more sense of where things were. If you opened several windows, you sort of new were you had them. With OS X, it's still as if there's a slight curtain between you and the computer, that the computer is somewhat in control, and you sit at a distance and tell it what it should do, rather than you doing it yourself.

The thing I like most.. in fact, it's the simple fact that it look so good. Everything is so tidy and "clean". Everything from the way text looks to Icons to Windows...

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