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Mac Design..

I've got my G5, and have set it up and stuff.. Actually.. took about 5 minutes starting it all up..

Put it on the desk, moved the monitor cord to the G5, connected the Cable Modem cord..

Nothing happened when I hit the powerbutton..


Next second I remembered having inserted the power-cord and let it drop behind the desk, but actually hadn't connected it, because I wanted to connect all other stuff, before I connected it to the power outlet etc..

No wonder that all "Troubleshooting Guides" always start with "Make sure the xxxxx power cord is connected" :-p

Once I remembered I hadn't actually hooked it up, all went fine.. Ran through the Set-up, everything worked as it should (found all of the 768 MB of RAM and the additional 160 GB HD).

Downloaded some messengers, and.. about 5 mins after having lifted it up on the desk, I was up and chatting.. :)

The most problem, which made it 5 mins instead of 4, was the fact that it was problematic un-tangle the various cords in the huge mess of cables beneath the desk..

I'm still on the G3 so far though, because I still need to sort and save a lot of the stuff on it, before I could migrate for real. No point in using the G5, when there's not much I could do on it, not having the programs I want, Photos to edit etc. That way, I want to completely empty this computer, before format the HD and install a basic Mac OS and some programs (messenger, IE, Outlook Express on it, as a sort of "Back-up", before I put it under the desk and connect it to the G5.

But.. that wasn't what this post was gonna be about at all.. </lj>

I just saw "Parkinson" on TV, with Pet Shop Boys performing (how come there's such a lot of gays on Parkinson?) and, of course, Pet Shop Boys uses Apple Computers when creating their music. That was extremely visible thanks to having an Apple Display with that "glowing" Apple Logo on the back of it.

Made me think about Mac Spotting (Yes.. there's actually several sites dedicated to that), and it's far from hard seeing Apple computers used in various places.. In TV shows (Friends, Sex in the City etc etc), in ads and catalouges or in movies (Actually, on another channel right now, they're showing the Sandra Bullock/Hugh Grant-movie "Two weeks notice" where Sandra Bullock is using a Mac).

Usually, one would suspect Product placement, but it's the other way around. Since the Apple Logo are a copyrighted trademark etc, the producers etc have to ask Apple for permission to use their products in their movies, TV-series etc, which is why you often see people using Apple products in Movies or TV-series where they've covered up the "Apple" on that Display, Powerbook or what it might be.

Apple has won Design Awards for a lot of their stuff.. the iMacs, iBooks, iPods etc, which of course is a major reason. Apple Computers look good, and are at the head of design. That way, Art Directors, Designers etc, use it to create a general design for a movie, an ad. IKEA used only iMacs and iBooks one year, because they saw it as adding to the look of the furniture.

Another, of course, is the fact that Apple products, very much, are lifestyle products. An Image-product, that migh add to how you see a person.

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