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A reply to Electrobop

I do understand you! Believe me or not. Of course, I can't "feel" it the way you do, of course. I'm not directly affected. Even if I, in a vague sense does, since that hideous attack, affects me in one way or another, in the long run.

There of course, is a million different views about this.

If you ask a lot of people in Islamic countries, they say exactly the same as you.That USA has made war on them for a long time, with millions of Muslims killed, and that now it's time to strike back.
I don't agree with neither them, nor you. Because you're both right, and you're both wrong. That's something I've been saying all the time.
What I've also said, is that I think war always is the worst solution to a problem, because war never solve anything, it only makes a war go on and on and on.
What I've been against all the time, is war, not that you should find the evil being behind behind this and do something about it. Now, the general opinion expressed in several places is a total war against all Muslims. Not an isolated fight against the few (relatively) terrorists/criminals in the world. Usama Bin Ladin is a criminal, and as such, he should be brought to a court room, if it's possible. He, not the whole of Afghanistan.

In fact, He has his agenda, USA has it's agenda and many Muslim countries has their agenda. Bin Ladin's agenda involves creating a war between USA and the Muslim countries. A war he thinks the Muslims would win. If you go to war with the Muslim countries, you're doing exactly what Bin Ladin wants. Playing right into his hands. He's been able to do what he set out to do, and gains from.

Am I insensitive to your fear, anger and sorrow? No. I hope not. I may step on some peoples feelings, I admit, by not agreeing to your view.

USA is, in a sense, a very innocent and naive country. You've been able to live in "peace" over there. You haven't had a war on your territory since 1812 (I think), with another country. Mexico, and Pearl Harbour in 194? (2). The last full out war in USA, was the American Civil War 1861 - 1864, following the Revolutionary war in the 1770's.
You're also a country with citizens that generally thinks USA is trying to do good in the world, that you're only wanting the best for the world. (In my opinion, you're both right and wrong about that. USA do a lot of good, but also a lot of bad). Obviously there are people in the world that thinks differently, that USA is only doing what is good for USA.

Whatever, out of the blue, there's this horrible event. An event that causes about 5,000 deaths, affects about 50,000 friends and relatives to those. That forever change the look of a major city, loved by many.

That, of course, creates a fear among USA citizens, and a feeling of being "lost". Emotions going wild. Not knowing what to think, how to react and do? Naturally, it's not a feeling that pleases anyone. You don't want to feel that way, and you react with rage against what caused you feeling in that way. Your natural reaction is to fight it, to strike back. Make your feeling of being lost, go away. To, in some way, return to something that was before. Trust me, I do understand that. Trust me, I would probably feel the same as you, if I'd been in the same situation.

Still, it's those who isn't in your situation, as me, lots of other citizens of USA, and other around the world, not being in that situation, to try to create a foundation that you can step on, to use in order to find your way out of the emotions you're feeling. A way that doesn't involves war and hatred. I doesn't say the USA goverment is that cynical, all I'm saying is that they have absolutely nothing to loose if USA goes to war. In fact, they have more to loose if they don't, since it's expected of them. They want to appear strong and do what a goverment should do, forgetting that real strenght, and admiration only comes to those who doesn't fall in and dare stand against what's expected. CNN sure hasn't anything to loose if USA go to war.

I, and many other, tries to create a counterweight against that, because we strongly believe that love, and not war, always is a better solution.

A war scares us, and creates the same fear you're feeling right now. That's why we so strongly stand behind our views.

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