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What has Japan done to upset the gods?

There were 2 major earthquakes in the sea outside of Japan yesterday, and we're talking of the magnitude of about 7 on the Richter scale, causing severe tidal waves...

At the same time, since late August, Japan has been hit by Typhoons, one after another (I think the most severe with winds up to 200 km/hr/130mph and carrying some 800mm of rain.. )

Aere, Chaba and at the moment Songda, which is gonna be followed in less than a week by Sarika..

This year, so far, Japan has been hit by 14 severe Typhoons, it's the country with most earthquakes, including really severe ones (rembmer Kobe some years ago, which killed 6,400 people).

I simply can't understand how they're able to go on, and if it affects the psyche..

I guess, it's the same weather system that has brought the disaster in the middle of China, where it's rained heavily since Thursday and without an end in sight at the moment, killing 100s (most likely) people and the officials say that at least 400 bridges, 720 km (450 miles) of roads have been washed away as well as destroyed about 125,000 homes.

Then you have Florida, of course, which has been struck by it's second hurricane/Tropical storm in 3 weeks, with Ivan looming at the horizon..

In a sense, it makes one grateful for living in Sweden, where we basically lack all "catastrophes". No Typhoons, no Earthquakes, no Tornados, no severe floodings (Even if, with all the snow etc, we do have floodings, but not the ones that'll make thousands of people homeless etc) and we're fairly safe from snowstorms (Even if I live in the very area that suffered a freakish snowstorm some years ago, which totally isolated, 120,000 people, neighbouring city of Gävle for 5 days when they got about 5 feet of snow in one day. We got about 3 - 5 ft here too, but since this is a smaller town (the actual town having only about 25 - 30,000 people), and that way sort of easier to keep open + less wind and not as extremely intensive snowing in periods).

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