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We don't need another hero...


how I helped a kitten and got exposed to a beautiful woman only dressed in a towel..

Came home after having been out shopping some stuff, and was met by a kitten outside that came running at full speed upon seeing me and letting out the most pleading sound..

Suspected it was really lost.. Wasn't sure what to do, what would happen if I brought it inside with my cat Edward inside.. Luckily a neighbor came past at that moment, and together we were able to get the collar of and read the phone-number inside of it.. She went in and checked the phonebook, and found out it belonged to some woman some 100 meters away.. Not that long, so I carried the kitten over there, it sort of got excited when it started to reckognize the area.. (Funny thing.. the kitten let me carry it without any trouble etc, but when some woman came down the street on a bicycle it sort of got afraid and sort of hid in my arms.. ). Found the apartment where it was supposed to live.. and the woman opened the door, only dressed in a towel..

She was very grateful (hmm.. not that grateful :-p), and said she'd been out looking for it several times..

Made me feel a touch happier, in some way.. For having helped that kitten home etc.. Doing a good deed.. (Even if it was only a really small one.. )

Now I'm gonna try wiping the image of a rather attractive woman in only a towel from my eyes.. :-p

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