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Land of the Sodomite Damned..

Westboro Baptist Church to picket the Swedish Embassy in USA.. and the "Fag Pimp" Olle Wästberg, The Swedish consul..

God Hates Fag! & Fag-Enablers! Ergo, God Hates Vestberg, Ambassador Ian Eliasson, Sweden and all things Swedish, being cursed with an irreversible curse.

That's because homosexuals are considered a "group" (minority-group), and it's illegal in Sweden to treat people differentily because they belong to a certain group of people, as in.. you can't deny someone entering a place because they're black, or something, and you can't persecute a group of people, as in making Nazists unable to speak out about Jews in some way etc, or carry anti-semitic symbols etc..

A pastor in the Pentecostal Movement spoke out about homosexuals in his church, even if he said it was information about what the Holy Scripture says about homosexuality, but he was prosecuted for persecuting homosexual and then sentenced to one month in jail. It was some about it in the news here, because it was sort of on the border between things.. Freedom of speech, a Christian Ceremony and Persucution. Now, I'm happy he went to jail, because it's one thing to sort of preach about it one time etc, but he did it over and over again, basically every Sunday, indicating that he really had an issue with homosexuals etc..

I guess they're on a crusade, and sure is gonna have to rush, since they're gonna picket the..

WBC to picket the sodomite whorehouse masquerading as the Republican National Convention at Madison Square Garden as well..

Hmm.. and I know I'm called anti-american at times, but at least I've got God on my side... :-p

Now, of course.. I wouldn't ever submit myself to a God that hates, not to mention people that hate stuff and search every word of the Holy Bible to find support for their own hate and believe they speak in the name of God.

I might not be a great believer in a God, but...

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