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America - the land of the free

I don't know if I have anyone who list me as a Friend in LJ, that doesn't at least in part agree with what I've said in previous postings, or at least has an understanding in what I've tried to say, anymore?

I'm not in America. That way I only have to "trust" what I see on BBC World, CNN (sometimes) and Swedish Media. (The interesting difference is that CNN, and other USA Media, has the catchy "America - Under Attack" as their caption, while BBC World uses "Terror in USA". I'm not gonna say which I think is a pretty good and accurate description, and which I think is an encouragment for war). At least I don't have to satisfy with a biased media. Also what I've seen in forums, read in LJ, seen on cams etc.

I don't say all Americans, not even a majority, etc, or the goverment (they have their agenda no matter what, anyway, which may or may not be the same as what a majority of the American people wants. In fact, as far as I remember, of those bother to vote, a majority, or att least as many, didn't want the goverment USA has now. I don't know if it had made much of a difference, a time like this, but.. ), do think this way.

I've always thought USA, the American way, and the Democracy that USA wants to call democracy, has been about tolerance and freedom. Not long ago, there raged a debate about freedom of speech (a very honored American right (Just a fact on the side, Sweden were first in the world to state in law such a thing as Freedom of speech). Some time ago, a debate about what Freedom of speech meant, raged in LJ (When there were a debate if an entry in LJ about Stacy's suicide-attempt should be censored or not). I think the general conclusion was that all seems to like Freedom of speech when it suits them, but that they want to censor everything that doesn't suit them.

In some of my entries the last days, I've expressed a slightly different view from what some thinks is USA friendly. As in, either you're for or against USA, and if you're for USA you should make a posting that states that you should bomb basically the whole Islamic world. In fact, I've never stated I'm against USA (as far as I know), or that I support the hideous crime that happend the previous Tuesday. I haven't even said I'm for the Islamic world, or their rights. What I've said I'm against, is the way USA, aided by media, throws away the exact things that USA celebrates and wants to protect.

Since I'm from Sweden (as in: not USA), I basically have no right in expressing my opinion. Yeah.. That's tolerance, gone to hell. And since I don't express opinions that's for USA, I should shut the fuck up! Hmm... freedom of speech thrown out the window.
Hmm.. I kinda wonder if I'm not gonna convert to Islam, and join some extreme Muslim liberation front, after all, since the country I believed stood for fairness, freedom, all humans equal right, doesn't seem to be USA.

I know most of you reading this, thinks about the same, in one way or another. I know you're people that still believes in that freedom etc. That way, I could only plea that you, as many of you have done already, makes those that right now is destroying what USA is, and should be all about, doesn't succeed.

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