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Walking in Sweden's city of shoes..


and now I can add idahoswede to that list as well, having gone to Örebro and met up with her..

But.. first things first..

Having checked the weather.. it seemed to be an ok day.. a nice day for a daytrip to Örebro.. In part because there's been some talk about visiting idahoswede (so I could very well do that), the other reason is that... Even if I've been to Örebro some times before, I've not really had a look around. It's also a nice distance for a daytrip, which meant I'd also was gonna go past some areas I'm not entirely familiar with..

One of the main problems of going somewhere is the fact that you've traveled about every road in the surrounding area, which make it mostly just something you have to get past to get somewhere interesting, and you rarely take your time to stop and have a real look around.. A lot of times it's hard to get going, going somewhere because you know you have to suffer driving along roads you've driven hundreds of times before..

jema has almost tired my ear with her talk about the town of Sala, and how wonderful it is.. A town about 90 mins away from here, and a place I've passed many times.. It's a small town, which stops one from going there to just go there.. as in some kind of errand.. Gävle, Uppsala, Stockholm etc, is far better because they're big towns which has a lot to offer.. It being 90 mins away make it slightly too far away to just go there, for the "little" it has to offer.. At the same time it's slightly too short, to stop there when you're going somewhere else..

That way, even if it's not the fastest and most direct route (even if it's slightly more fun than the alternative), Sala was the first stop I had planned..


Came there about 11:15, and the sun was shining from a bright blue sky, which meant there was a lot of people around.. Those living there ouside enjoying the sun or shopping, and then of course, tourists..

Not sure what to say about Sala.. It's a small town, which haven't had much reason to re-build itself, which means it has preserved a lot of the "old-time charm" which is harder and harder to find when the towns want to become "modern". Even if I wouldn't want to live there, except for it being in a region with a landscape I really love..

ok.. Images.. since jema threatned to strangle me if I didn't post images from Sala..

Colourful town

As it happened.. If my last trip, up north, meant a lot of beaches, this trip became a lot about statues..


Next stop became Sätra Brunn/Well, which turned out to be a really lovely place.. It's an old Health Spa, still in use, since the 18th century. The actual area, which is very calm and very suitable to just relax and have a pleasant stroll, has a lot of old buildings, mostly dating back to the 18th and 19th century, with only the odd building from the 20th century. A good thing is that it's not entirely preserved as it once was, as some kind of historic museuem, but has been in working use all the time as well as having served people from all classes. That means it's both in a really good shape, as well as offering a lot of variation with different kinds of buildings.

Obviously a heaven for someone photographing.. If I had brought some company, and didn't felt I had to make it to Örebro, I would've stayed there for a lot longer than I did..

All houses had these, if modern, neat signs on them, telling about their function

For some reason, this house sort of reminded me of Stephen King's "'Salem's Lot"

A car, '55 Chrysler Windsor DeLuxe (if my search on the internet was correct),
at the parking lot, really seemed to fit in with the enviroment

As I said, I really like that region... or really.. it's a sort of big region, stretching from the sea in the east and inwards to about where Sala is, between the river of Dalälven in the north and down towards the south of the 2 big lakes Mälaren and Hjälmaren.. Even if it's tricky to really say why, or really.. to describe why.. But it's a kind of landscape that I really love. Lots of fields, and even if it's generally flat, slightly broken ground. Not enough to stop you from seeing miles, but enough to create variation.. And then you often have enclosed pastures with long, wild grass and lots of various kinds of flowers and juniper trees. Often, in the fields, you have kind of rocky islands with a couple of birch trees etc.. One good thing is that it's a sort of mixed zone, meaning you have all kinds of trees.. Broad-leafs as well as coniferous... Oaks, fir, pine, hazel, aspen etc.. All interrupted with farms and out-in-the-field barns.. Mostly "falu"-red with black doors and white window-frames...

And the trouble is.. it's close to impossible to give justice to in images, since the whole of it, is greater than the sum of it's parts..


About 3 hrs later than I had intended, and about 100 times more sweaty than I wished for I made it to Örebro. idahoswede had said she lived fairly close to Svampen. A 58 meter (185 ft) high water-tower/reservoir, which is said to be the most visited water-tower in the world. The only problem.. it's darn hard to find it's way there, so I was a touch nervous.. The last time I was in Örebro, I was gonna meet the one I was visiting there, and despite you seeing it from more or less the whole town, it took me 30 - 45 mins to find my way there.. That's because you sort of have to end up on the correct, bigger, road to end up somewhere close to it, or you have to be extremely familiar with the street-grid and be able to zig-zag your way on small streets.. Now, I turned off the highway at the right place and basically came directly upon it. Called her, and she would be there in no time..

Spent the time while I was waiting, photographing around there..


They had flowers there too, and lots of.. whatever that insect is (Hoverflies?). Obviously tried to capture some of them with my camera, but in end it was easier to take photos of them if I let them sit on my arm, even if that one sat on the wrong arm first and I had to sort of move it over to the other to be able to hold the camera..

She came, and well.. then we spent some time together.. We didn't went up to the apartment, so I couldn't take any close-ups of her flowers, but did take an image of her balcony from below..

Then we walked, and we talked, and walked some more, had some coffee/tea (Never thanked you for that, so.. Thank you!! :-D) and talked.. As usual about everything possible, but mostly buildings.. (The english came to me fairly easy, but I sort of felt that it was more than a year since I talked it last and sort of felt a touch rusty speaking it).

First we made it through the really glorious city park, that's up there among the "finalists" in "City Park of the Year", year after year, and to Wadköping. A sort of reconstruction of what the towns looked like in the old times, using buildings from the 17th - 19th century..

This is the kind of things I hate.. Electrical boxes of some kind, etc,
without any attempts to disguise them, or hide the cables etc

There were a short rain, with the low, evening sun shining, which created this neat light,
as it was used in the next image as well

Then we, well.. walked around.. The castle, and the older parts of the town..

So.. this is a place I could live in, and hire jema and idahoswede to take care of the garden

New, but still a view that I like, with all the lines

The Castle.. or.. at least small parts of it..

Skodon = Footwear
Not today maybe, but once Örebro was regarded as the prime shoe-town in Sweden

Yes, I do like things that aren't old, as well

Then, as I wrote earlier.. This day, for some reason, became a day of statues..

"He has clothes, that must mean it's of someone important"
(Artistic statues always seem to be nude, statues of important people being clothed)

"No hair on his pillivick", somebody has scribbled on his chest

And.. we did talk about a lot of things, including style.. Clothes and shoes (Probably making a sort of fool of myself by standing trying to photograph shoes in a shop through their windows. The times when you really feel peoples eyes burning in your back).

And, what makes a girl wanting to walk around with the word "Victory" smeared across her ass.


And.. the last image I did take.. Thinking about jema

As usal.. selected images, such as flowers and things, and the more artistic images, are gonna be posted in..

(Later this evening.. I promise!!!)

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