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Going north..

As I wrote when I was up there, I visited jema.. She lives about as far north from me as greenskye lives south of me..

I wasn't sure if I was gonna post anything about this trip, for several reasons, but since filifjonka commented and asked for photos.. How could I not do it? :)

Actually.. one of the things are the fact that I don't really have much of a clue about how to write this post.. With the trip south, I traveled around etc, which allowed me to write it in a chronological order, and post the pics accordingly.. Now, I just visited jema, and even if we obviously did things in a chronological order (:-p), it's not much of a narrative as such, and.. as it happened I visited 3 beaches and shot a lot of images and those would fit better if posted together (as in a subject-oriented post).

Well.. did take, I think, 451 images up there.. (100 more than when I went south), but that has a lot do with trying to catch waves..

Well.. we'll see..

Started out in the morning, and it was a totally lovely day with beautiful weather (but at least not too hot). Pleasant..

Did take the direct road since the other possible road is way too much of a detour. The main problem with going north is that along the east coast you have a main higway.. then.. towards the west border you really doesn't have a straight, single highway, but it's possible to travel up that way. The thing is.. you really don't have much of roads, except really small ones, in the middle.. only roads going across from east to west. That sort of stops you from taking alternative routes, unless you want to use gravel roads and do some zig-zagging upwards.. and it being that far (takes about 7 hrs if you would go directly and not make any stops (at least if you stick to the speed-limits). I think it took me about 10 hrs, but then I made several stops, stuck to the speed limits and really didn't hurry at all.. The image above, I took when I took a break at some reststop along the way.. Another one of the images I take that seems to be "This is typically Sweden" and would fit in some tourist-brochure.

Härnösand is basically exactly halfway, so I made a slightly longer stop there.. Nice to get some fresh air, stretch the legs and have an Ice-cream and a soda and have a look at the town (Whatever there is of it, at least). Obviously photographed, but mostly attempts at artistic photos of subjects rather than specific views.. It's sort of tricky to find something there that lend itself to photographing, that says.. "this is what Härnösand is", and obviously I didn't want to make that long a stop to really go looking for things to photograph. Was really nice though, with the lovely weather and all..

Went on.. made a couple of stops, but nothing major.. But.. the road, especially at Höga Kusten has some really nice views.. The kind of views that make you think about moving there..

I think I gotta start making a living out of photography and become rich and famous.. (well.. at least rich, but I think you have to be famous in order to get rich.. )

Made it to jema obviously.. I'm sort of proud of myself for finding my way there straight away. Now.. the town aren't that big, but.. it was a year since I was there..

Was nice seeing her again.. :)

Didn't do anything specific as such.. talked some.. Tarot-card design, books, movies etc.. Some photography..

She wanted to see "Carrie" showing on TV, since she hadn't seen it and it's one of those classic horrors.. Even if I would say it's more of a Drama than horror, since I'm not sure what's supposed to be horrific about it.. (Except the way people treat each others). Now I do know it came at a time, towards the end of that at least, when there were a lot of books and movies around showing kids "revolting" against their parents.. It was right after the Hippie-era.. you had The Exorcist etc.. There was a lot of new parents.. Obviously, there were a lot of fear that kids wouldn't behave etc.. And Carrie fits right into that, even if it, today, of course, is hard to understand that horror. Interesting and good movie though, even if it sorts of skip parts which make it hard to understand the reason why some of the people act as they do etc..

And.. I brought some of big-town there, when I created the first roundabout there on one of our trips, by going 1 3/4 turn in a crossroad.. (I missed turning at one point, and started to make a U-turn at a crossroad when Jema told me you could take that road too, which made me do a second U-turn at the end of the first one.. )

frida did point out tonight that when I go to a store to buy food and stuff, I always seem to be able to pick up some candy etc too.. Now, I did buy some candy and Ice cream etc in the first place, but Jema is probably gonna point out the fact that we went in to buy ice cream and I came out with a TV :-p (They had a small, 5 1/2 inch black-and-white TV (with a radio) which was rather cute and it only cost 149 SEK (about $20). Cheap, with connection for the lighter in the car.. Could be of some use someday..

Thanks to Jema, I was able to upset her mother some too.. With all right, she's proud of her garden. It's a really lovely garden, but when I got there, Jema asked me what I thought about the garden, and sort of as a joke I said I liked 2 of the flowers.. Now, I said it as a joke, but in part it was true, but not in that sense.. I love flowers, but aren't really interested in flowers.. as in.. I don't know the name of any, and even if I would love to have a really great and wonderful garden of flowers, I'm not someone that's interested enough to spend time getting to know a lot about flowers and be that eager to make them grow etc.. Now.. "their" garden is just lovely, with lots of beautiful flowers.. only problem was that.. I've seen and photographed most of those flowers already.. which sort of diminished my interest in them.. but there were two flowers there that did look really beautiful and was "new" to me, and as such interesting..
But.. Her mother had asked her what I thought, and had told her that I liked "only" 2 of the flowers.. Which might not have been that good an idea :-p (at least it, in the end, it opened up for a running joke between Jema and I about stones, sand and glass.. )

One of many lovely flowers in the garden.. (and one of the two I meant)

Love the black velvety look of it, and it has a tremendous purple colour
(But it was tricky to photograph)

We made a trip to "Bonnstan" in Skellefteå. A lovely area.. It's one of those old "Church Towns" they've got up in the north.. Since distances are very long up there (not as it is on Öland where you have a church every other mile or something, since villages couldn't tolerate the neighbouring village having one and they not having one). Since you couldn't expect people to travel that far every sunday to go in church, they had fewer but bigger church-weekindes when they sort of "gathered" people from all over, and in order for those to have somewhere to stay they built small, simple "towns" where people could stay when they were there. Out of the one's I've seen, I liked the one in Skellefteå the best, due to been built as smaller cabins and the unfinished wooden look. In most other places, they have church towns that's nice too, but they're sort of more "proper".. painted red houses etc, which make them look sort of "new". Also visited the church, and one odd things up there is that some of the churches are "roundish" (octagonal really). The one up in Bygdeå is extreme in that sense but being strictly that, while the one in Skellefteå cheats some with a "X" in that. Still creates a sort of round, high tower, and I think it's a really cool look.. Much better than the traditional Swedish churches with a long rectangular building with a high, square, tower at the end..

One enviroment I like is the old factories made of brick in the 18th and 19th century. They often are a paradise for photographing, and Jema took me to one, where we spent some time photographing.. :) Unfortunately I thought I'd be smart and leave my whole camera bag at Jema's place and only bring the digital camera.. Of course we hardly got there before the battery-indicator started to blink red.. :( (Which meant we either had to go back home and get my extra set or find some store were they sold batteries.. We selected the second option, but I think, in the end, it would have been faster if we had went home.. But I hadn't seen as much then...)

Pic of Jema..

As it was, I actually spent time photographing at the sea beaches up there.. One evening when I took a trip alone up to Byske, one time with Jema at Bure Havsbad and once on the way home when I took a detour on some gravel road and found a small beach in the middle of nowhere..
The main reason I spent such a lot of time on those is that sand, stones/rocks and water is really great to photograph.. Especially rocks, which I love..

Islands in the light of the sunset..."

The last one was a weird piece of rock, where it looked as someone had ripped a huge chunk out of it.. leaving a gap in it.. one side totally smooth and the other rocky..

As I've mentioned sometime before, I like to take breaks, when driving, at churches.. and usually take a stroll around the graveyards.. For several reasons.. If it's a church, they usually have a parking lot where you can stop, it's usually very calm there.. There's lot of flowers and you have interesting tombstones.. Either the look, or at times, as was the case with the church in Bygdeå, where almost all stones had the title of the people (It's not uncommon in other places neither, but usually there's only a every other or a few having the title.. Mostly due to the additional cost it means in having an additional line of text. But there, I think about all stones had the title.. There were a Major, A Postal office manageress and a Riflemaker among others..
Something new I saw in Skellefteå was the use of cast iron crosses with a glass-plate with the name.. (But as Jema and I came to a conclusion about.. Glass is stone too.. :-p)

Gevärshantverkare = Rifle Craftsman

The interesting with the last one is that the tombstone is made to look like a 6 ft high trunk of a tree, and it's so good that if you only have a quick look you're forgiven for mistake it for a tree. Especially since it has 2 birch-trees on the sides where their leaves cover the top of it..

Up north, there's lots of woods mostly Spruce.. and most of what we might call hills and moutains are up there.. Which creates splendid views over.. well.. woods all the way to the horizon etc.. Maybe a couple of houses or, more usual, church towers sticking up.. maybe a lake etc.. Now.. the variation aren't extremely big, so it might get a touch monotone after some time. As I said before.. the distances are long there too, which might get a touch tedious after some time when you drive mile after mile through the woods, with only a few villages and some fields every now and then.. (At the end of this post, I'm gonna post a panorama I took). But.. I did take some pics there that's not really fitting in with the other categories above..

A view from a top we visited towards Skelleftehamn and "Rönnskärsverken",

I'm not sure what to call this.. Small lake, bog.. But found it in the evening going home from Byske, when I did my best in getting lost on some gravel roads.. Went out there, as far as I could (when I ran out of stones, stumps etc to step on.. Whatever I wanted, I didn't want to lose the shoe or something, by stepping down in the watery mud). Now.. I only wore shorts and a tee.. NOT a good idea up north, where they have a billion and two mosquitos etc.. Let's say.. it took about 30 seconds out there, when I heard the buzz about; "Guys!!! It's party-time!!!"

Inside the church in Bygdeå.. Among the cuter one's I've seen.. and thoughts about.. This is the church one should get married in, ran through my mind

I had a stop in Umeå, and took a stroll around the city centre.. Did take a couple of pics.. obviously..

Loved the "balconies", and how they harmonize with the colour of the house

Windows with eye-lashes

This image is huge.. about 3000 pixels wide.. That way I post it rotated.. Which means you'll have to save it to your computer, open it in some kind of Image-program and rotate it 90 degrees Clockwise..

Several pics from this trip, as well as from my travel soutward I'm gonna post, themed, in:

Tombstones, Flowers, Beaches, Bricks.. Having about 45 images I'm gonna post there.. Some the same as here, but mostly in different versions or totally different images.. (I'm gonna try to get them up either tomorrow (Friday) or on Saturday..

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