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Just read in an LJ about someone being bothered by having found out that people on her work has found out about her site and journal etc..

Made me think about a thing..

How come that is among our biggest fears??

We're really happy and willing to share all kinds of stuff.. feelings, thoughts, nude pics, opinions etc.. to the whole of the world.. We're happy that we can go "public"..

But God forbid that someone we actually know find out..

To those, we want to keep up our appearance.. To only let them know the image we want them to have about us.. To have the mask firmly in place..

Not saying it's wrong at all.. I don't know..

But maybe that's one of the problems of the world today..

We're willing to be friends with everybody but our friends..

Creating some kind of distance between ourself and the rest of the world..

We share personal stuff only with those we have a distance to.. like.. every single person in Asia or something.. but also want some distance to people around us, by locking them out from our personal life..

Good or bad.. I don't know.. but.. in a sense I guess it's sad that we have the luxury to only bond with groups of people with the same interests and personalities etc.. Instead of knowing my neighbour, and not be that willing to find out who he/she/they are and if we have anything in common, it feels better to speak to someone I know in Australia or something, which I don't have a personal relationship with..

Sort of creating only losely tied groups (as those we happen to work with) instead of really tight ones, and sort of creating a billion of indiviual units living in this world..

The ironic thing, in that sense, is that it's a lot easier to be manipulated that way.. creating a world of willing robots that see the movies they want us to see, buy the clothes they want us to wear etc.. (since it's harder to manipulate a group with various views within it).

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