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Virtual reality

Looking at Tour de France at the moment, they have incredibly good graphics for showing the route..

A 3D map of the road etc..

Now, of course, they're created, especially for the broadcast.. Most likely using a helicopter to map out the area etc..

But, the other day I saw some programme about Valley of the Kings in Egypt, where they dug out long passageways and rooms in the mountains, and they told that obviously there's a lot of tourists there which takes it's toll on those graves. That way, they've borrowed the kind of equipment FBI uses to map out crime scenes..

It's a sort of rotating scanner you put up in the middle of the room, which maps out the entire room with all details in 3D. That way, you get an exact 3D model of the room, and they might put those models up on Internet sometime in the future, which makes it possible to walk around in those caves.. Sort of like you do as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider (Which I found out is more realistic than one might imagine). Technically speaking, it most likely would be possible for some game maker to buy the rights to those computer models and thus make an adventure in a completely realistic setting.

The main idea is to make people being able to experience Valley of the Kings without having to go there etc..

The thing is..

How often doesn't you hear about those kinds of stuff..

"They're creating complete Virtual maps of ??"

"They're creating computer models of the archeological site.. "

"They're making virtual galleries of Museum of... where you're able to look at all the works they've got in their collection"

How much of that have you seen?

If you go to a site of a museum, of a site etc.. you see simple drawings, a few selected images and some text.. but that's basically all.. nothing at all of what you've heard them talk about what they're doing..

I want to see "Time Team" on Discovery, then be able to go to the Time Team site and walk around on the site they've done.. walk around in those computer models they've started doing now, of what it looked like..

And.. why not? Sure.. it cost them a lot of money to create those for the programs etc.. But, as it is.. they still have that cost, but only use them in the program. It's not as if it would cost them tons of money to put those on the site etc, since they're already created.

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