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much fun

The most fun you're able to see on TV at the moment is..

Believe it or not..

Tour de France on Eurosport with the Swedish Commentators..

Except that they know about everything, which of course is great, they've got a perfect harmony between each other, and they often... once you've got a sense of them.. make me laugh with them.. sort of "running jokes"..

One of them is the fact that they never quarantee what they say.. as in.. sort of..
Commentator 1: "I think this break is gonna make it, but once the followers get going chasing them they're scaringly effective and even if I think they're gonna make it, it's possible the followers have calculated it perfectly.. "
Commentator 2: "So.. you're saying.. You're not sure?"

They've decided that the one with the Yellow Jersey is gonna lose it today, since he seemed to totally having run out of energy.. That way, they, finally, could decide that "Now we can say for sure that he's gonna lose it, right?". But just now they saw him seemingly having gotten a lot of energy back and working himself back.. "Oh no.. don't say we have to change our minds again!".

Favorite snappy comment today..

Commentator 1: "where they could get some new(fresh) water..."
Commentator 2: "Yes.. much better than getting old water" :-p

Love those snappy comments they have commenting something the other says..

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