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Thom' Luka

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Did you know that, statistically, that every 90th minute, there's a collision between a train and a car in USA..

4,000 collisions..

The main reason?

People in cars think they'll get across before the train comes..

People in cars doesn't think about them being on the tracks.. (If it's a line of cars, they drive up to the car ahead of them, even if it means they'll stop on the tracks, instead of waiting until the car ahead has moved away).

Not a single time, it's the fault of the train.. (well.. maybe 1 out of those 4,000 times).

Trains take forever to stop.. They can't exactly turn away.. and the mass of the train is about equal to a car hitting a bird or an insect..

Wouldn't it be wise to avoid being in front of one?

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