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Selling photos..

Obviously I've thought about selling prints, especially since I've talked such a lot with frida about it, since she wants to start selling prints and we've discussed how that could be done..

Now, having seen a lot of her images.. I think I have somewhere between 500 and 1,000 of her images (Tricky to count, since I have several in various forms), and I can't see why she wouldn't be able to sell a lot of images, because she has really great photos.. (Did a list once of those I would consider buying, images I would love having on my wall, and that list ran at least 40 images long (And her comment to that was where I would be able to fit those :-p))

Obviously, one can't help thinking about that oneself then.. Why wouldn't I be able to sell prints?

Why I have been slighly hesistant to doing it is for various reasons..

You have the practical problems.. How to get good prints I'm happy with, in an easy way, since that, if I do sell images I want them to look the very best. Prints that I'm happy with, which are having the right colours, brigtness, contrast etc..

Then you have the problem with money and stuff. How do I get paid? And how much should the prints cost? What sizes should they be? Should I sell them "Raw" (as in a naked print without frame etc), or should I sell them with a passepartout, with or without a frame? (Which has to do with how I want my photo to be experienced).

frida and I have discussed joining each other and set up a gallery-site which we use to sell our prints, so that we could distribute the work, have more attraction (since, if we're several, each of us would be able to attract customers which might spill over on the others. If I attract someone who wants to buy a print, they might discover one of her photos as well, and that customer might end up buying a print from her too, instad of only mine. The main advantage would be the ability to set up some kind of routine for customers to pay etc, which might be more economical than if each other set something up.

The main problem is that I don't think I've got that many images that I could sell.. Which I think is images that someone would want to buy. Now, that might not be my problem as such. If someone do want to buy an image for some reason, I obviously should let them buy it, even if I don't think it's an image that someone could ever want to have on their wall.

I might take good images. Really good at times. But few of them, in my mind, has the kind of quality that would mean someone bought them. At least I imagine it to be that way.

As I see it, there's 3 kinds of good images...

Images that are really good and you enjoy seeing, but isn't the kind of image you would consider buying.
(My portraits, as an example. I've taken some really good portraits, which I know a lot of people love seeing. But! Nobody buys portraits (Well, some portraits could sell, but that's rare). Portraits are the kind of images one enjoys seeing advertising glasses or jewelry or make up or something in a magazine. I'd have better chance in selling one of my portraits to some agency that sells images to magazines etc, than selling them to someone wanting a print of it, except maybe 1 or 2 of my portraits that might work).

Images that might not are more neutral and instant. "Sexy", if you like.
(Usually you would count "Still life" among these, maybe cute animals etc. They're usually "pretty" images. The important thing is that they're very upfront, but still sort of neutral in the sense that they fit as a poster or something. The only problem with them, might be that one might grow tired of it. Still.. they're the ones that has the biggest chance of selling.)

The best, as I see it, is the images that are very upfront but still is very much an image. A sort of combination of the two.
(Landscapes might have that quality etc)

I think that, if any, I'm mostly placed in the first category. Images that might be good, and which some of you enjoy seeing here, but there's few of those that have the kind of quality that would make them worth putting up on a wall. They sort of doesn't fit...

How much I even count, I only get about 5 - 10 images..

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