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And the countdown has started.. actually.. some days ago..

But certainly the "biggest" thing this summer is the Gyllene Tider 25:th anniversery tour..

One of the evening papers actually had a 48-page supplement included with the paper, all about Gyllene Tider.. the new album, the tour etc..

Actually.. close to 5% of the Swedish population is gonna see them this summer.. (Even if that most likely includes a lot of Germans seeing lots of the 21 concerts, and at least one English Girl seeing them twice.. :-p engelskjente)

Somewhere between 420 and 430 thousand has bought tickets.. That's some 100,000 more than they had on their last tour back in 1996. That's an average of above 20,000 people at every one of the 21 concerts.

I think the only one being able to get better numbers than that, would be if ABBA re-united and did a tour in Sweden..

I'm just amazed of the numbers.. When it comest to Per Gessle and Gyllene Tider (and to some degree Roxette, but Roxette, if they did 21 tours in Sweden wouldn't get anywhere close to the numbers of what Gyllene Tider has, despite having been big around the world.. )

Last year Per Gessle did an "improvised" tour, and still had 155,000 seeing him at 14 concerts.. more than 11,000/concert.. and the songs from the album he released in May last year, are still played fairly often on radio..

Actually the tour came first thise time, before the album.. (I'm not even sure it was announced at the time, beside a hits-collection). Originally only 18 concerts, but they sold out so fast they added 3 concerts and changed to a venue twice as big in one place.. (Actually, 3 places were sold out in like a couple of hours. That despite not a single line of advertising). They've sold out Ullevi in Göteborg.. 55,000 people.. I think the last time anyone had 55,000 in Sweden was David Bowie back with his "Let's Dance"-tour and Rolling Stones at about the same time.. "Steel Wheels" or something like that.. and selling that out in mere hours.. despite there being 4 other concerts less than 1 hr away from Göteborg.. (That's another 65,000 in the same area).

It all went so fast that, when Per Gessle found out that Simon and Garfunkel with Everly Brothers as guest played the same date as one of their concerts, thought he might be able to change the date for that concert to be able to see them, they had already sold 17,000 tickets for that date..

When they released their new album, their first since 1984 (They've only done 4 regular albums, between 1980 and 1984), it sold Swedish double-platinum in just 22 hrs.. and during the first week.. 50% of every album sold, in Sweden was that album.. )

To say that Per Gessle/Gyllene Tider dominates is an understatement..

They're so big compared to everything else, in Sweden, it's surreal..

(And even if I like a lot of their songs.. and is going to see them twice this summer (only intended once, but got an impulse while ordering tickets for me and engelskjente :-p), they've never been much of favorites (Even if I like Per Gessle's solo-album last year a lot, and think that's the best he's ever done), but I'm sort of amazed of the size.. of the numbers.. )

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