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I just want to cry!

Just heard on the news. A Palestinian who has lived 35 years in Sweden, got his restaurant vandalized, by Swedes, here in Sweden. Most likely because of what happend in USA.

I am truly ashamed, living in a country where things like this happens. Now, I've never said Sweden is better than any other countries. As with all countries around the world, USA, Australia, Japan, India etc etc, there are good things and bad things. In the last 10 years, one of the really bad things about Sweden, and very much in the rest of Europe, is the "nazistic" patriotism celebrated by too many. Sweden do accept, and has accepted a lot of refugees from various places around the world. From former Yugoslavia, Chile, Palestine etc etc. Some elements in our society celebrates our Swedish Viking Blood (as if there ever were a thing like that. A "viking" would be ashamed if he lived today), and think we should close our borders entirely, and throw out the "blackheads" that do live in Sweden now. At least if they're from a different culture and religion. I'm sure they don't want to throw out people from America, UK, Germany etc etc. To send them back to where they came from. A movement very much having been helped by the fact that the Swedish politicians, and to some degree, the Swedish way, has handled the question with refugees in a very lousy and clumpsy way. Kinda forgetting to integrate them into our society. Turning it into a "we" and "Them" feeling.

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