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Now I think I'm having enough books to last me the rest of my life.. (at least with the speed I'm able to read at the moment)

Bought me 4 more books..

"The Dark Tower part 6 - Song of Susannah" - Stephen King.. (Now it's only part 7 left.. which is published September 21.. and which I've ordered)

"The Journals of Eleanor Druse" - Eleanor Druse (Rick Dooling/Stephen King) (Which is a sort of novelization of Kingdom Hospital)

"Stephen King's The Dark Tower - A concordance vol 1" - Robin Furth (She was his assitant on writing the last 3 books, and spent time making notes about.. just about everything.. Characters.. their history.. places.. "maps" etc.. in order for King to have some chance of getting something right in the final 3 books.. not intended for publication, but edited and released as a sort of encyclopedia. Vol 1 cover books 1 - 4).

"Thieves a dozen" - Donald E. Westlake.. (12 Dortmunder short stories collected)

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