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And I'm spending most of the time this weekend 2 list cds..

Having started at A.. I'm now at P.. as in Prince..

Doing the singles/maxis at the moment..

I've got all Artists cds in alphabetical order.. then I have Soundtrack-, Musical-, Classical- and Compilation CDs in separate places.. Doing the "Pop" artists now..

Next is.. Prodigy.. before I'm able to move on to.. Q, R, S, T, U, V/W, Y, Z, Å.. only about 100 cd's :) :) :) (Then I'll have to do the 200 Soundtracks.. 100 compilations etc.. Yuck :( )

that feels good, since it's incredibly boring..

Prince - The Scandalous Sex Suite.. CD Title: 417

Went out and photographed though..

It rained.. then that stopped.. and the waterdrops glittering in the "slight" sun was too tempting, so I went out and thought I'd take some good waterdrop-pics..

And of course.. it started to rain.. real much.. when I was the furthest away..

Walked home in the rain.. stopped and took some pics etc.. but.. was kinda afraid for the camera.. Electronics and rain doesn't go well together..

About 3 - 4 mins after I came home.. the sun was shinging again.. :(

Felt too lazy to go out again...

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