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As a reply to all comments on my last post. Please read all of it!

The thing with the speeches I've heard by Bush, has been extremely calculated, done by a brain-trust of speechwriters, intended for one single reason. To create a "hatred", and belief in the "American Way", gaining support among the american people to wipe out the evil from the face of the earth!

It's a shame to see citizens of the democratic and civilised USA replacing their ordinary cam-image with a graphic saying: NUKE EM (and other similar things), and saying basically the same thing in posts in LJ and other places. It's a shame to see Arabs being harrased on the streets of USA, just for being Arabs (Them being Christian, Muslim or other, Arabs).

Don't make any mistakes: I do love the american culture, and a lot of the american ways. I'm not totally blinded by it tho. I don't like the way USA see their democracy as the only right democracy in the world, as if there wouldn't be any other way. Much of the American Foreign Policy is ONLY in the interest of American Business. USA support a dictator in Chile fully, but decides another dictator (which isn't nice to USA) should be replaced with a democracy USA can support. I fully admit this duality in my view of USA. I will never ever put on blinders, not even now, and I don't think you should neither!

Don't mistake this for a lack of sympathy and feeling for the American people. Since the terrorist attack, I've been on the verge of tears many times. The first time, 5 mins after the second plane hit. I'd been looking forward to these 6 days off from work, feeling good, thinking I would get a lot done.. That I would get a lot done with my new website. In fact, I've done absolutely nothing, but aimlessly surf, done some vague attempt at chatting. Generally I've been very apathetic, and "depressed". Not being able to think about anything other than that terrible event. I haven't smiled once since. I doubt I will smile for some time.

The most touching thing I've seen, is a cam-girl putting up a black-sign as her cam-image, with the word "SILENCE" written across it. I am touched by all cam-girls, LJ people etc, replacing their ordinary "whatever", with that plea to donate blood. That's the right way!!!

What I have tried doing in my last postings, is to calm things down. I don't want to see people placing their heads in the closet, and just run with the general feeling of hatred, a feeling Bush' speech, CNN etc is trying to get. Why does CNN show Palestinians dancing on the streets, and not the people dancing on the streets in Serbia, Paraguay, Uruguay or about the dozen other countries I've heard there has been some celebration? They state it very clear! This is Palestinians, and they're dancing on the streets! Building up a hate towards Palestinians and Muslims.

The last thing I want is a USA that closes it's borders toward the rest of the world. "Fortress America" is exactly that. Why would I, who live in Sweden, feel anything for a country that only sticks to themself anyway? Why would I go out and donate blood now, for a country that sees the rest of the world as enemies? Why would I respect the 3 silent minutes declared tomorrow at noon (European time)? Bush' speech was exactly that, and if you don't see that, there sure needs to be someone to wake you up, and make you think!

Bush' speech should have been about joining each other and help those who was directly affected by the disaster. To call each other, offer your support etc. Not something that sounded as if it were coming from one of all those rallying movies of the 40's, for WW II. Make Love, Not War!!!

That doesn't mean I think Bin Ladin shouldn't be hunted down, and possibly killed? But, remember one thing. Among the things a true democracy is all about, what we call civilization, is justice, and fair trials etc.
It was a hideous, and most evil, act of hatred that showed it's ugly face. I hope you all agree on that? But, what makes YOU better, if you returns that, with the same hatred? The thing is: I've seen way too much of that expressed by American Citizens lately! (Just look at some of the replies towards my post!) The thing is: There are way too many American citizens today, that would Hijack a plane, and crash it into Islabadan or something. I sure hope none of those reading this, would do a thing like that, and if you do: Shame on you!!

All I want, except that you should donate blood, visit people in need of help, is to USE YOUR HEADS!!!! I don't want to hear about some arab cab driver having being beaten to death. I don't want to hear about a mosque being bombed to smithereens!

We're all humans. We all have a heart full of love! Of brotherly love and symphaty towards other humans. We're about 5 billion humans on this planet, Earth. We're also about 5 - 10,000 "something" on this planet, including inside USA (Remember Oklahoma City), that's so full of hatred, they can be called Pure Evil. Don't let the other suffer for those! They're all behind you in this moment of tragedy!

Colin Powell talks about war, of course, he's a general, and to exterminate the evil that terrorism is, from the face of this earth. Yes, but don't forget the seeds! Killing, or arresting, all the terrorists won't help. Neither to shut off the the fertilisation. The only thing that can be done, is to clean up the ground on which this weed find fa way to root itself. In providing that ground, America is very much to blame. You don't think there's people that hate you for nothing, do you?

I'm gonna repeat myself: USE YOUR HEAD. First of all, find out WHO? (and support those who needs you.) Then ask: WHY? (What makes people hate America so much, they're willing to commit suicide to destroy it). The third question will be: WHAT (Can I do to stop this from happening again, to stop people from hating USA)? I could probably answer all 3 of those questions, but it would take too long to answer those. I'm gonna satisfy with giving a short answer to the third! Respect other cultures, respect other ways of living. I know a lot of you already does that, but not enough, and you who does, should help taking the blinders off those, including politicians, who doesn't!

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