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Hmm.. gee.. and I'm good at getting myself work...

As I told previously, I decided to update to Mac OS X..

To get things work fine, I backed up everything not backed up, reformatted, using the same "layout" with 7 partions.. Installed Mac OS 9.1, as one has to do, and then Mac OS X... It worked fine.. but.. since it's entirely different.. 7 partions wasn't a great idea.. so I started over..
Went with only one partion, installed 9.1, started installing stuff, but felt uncomfortable wtih only one partion, so I soon scrapped that idea and went for 3 partions. One big, and smaller for back up and Mac OS 8.6, as a back up of the system, to get everything working..

Then I installed everything I've got backed up on CD's. .. In the end, some 40.000 files, which I sorted properly when I were at it... Bringing folders together, erasing duplicates and all kinds of stuff... lot of work, for sure...

Now when I try to install Mac OS X, it simply refuses to do that, for some reason. The installation starts, but when I should choose what partion I want to install on, I can't.. nothing happens, as simple as that..

Now I'm kinda puzzled about what to do...

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