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A change is gonna cum (devo)

It's nice to know that some things never change..

Microsoft is gonna release "Service Pack 2" soon.. (well.. this autumn at least). Now, I would say.. Service Pack 2?? If you count all the security updates etc, I would say it's like.. Service Pack 395, or something..

The aim is to, once and for all, fix the various security problems in Windows XP.

A result of all that work with "Service Pack 2" is that the follow up to XP, "Codename: Longhorn" is delayed with a year. The beta version of it should've been released this summer, and it would've been launced in 2005. Now that has to wait until 2006.

I guess the wisest move Microsoft ever did, was to skip the years in the name of the OS, since, so far, not a single OS they've released, has been released the year it was meant to be released. I guess it would've been way too confusing to bang on the drum for "Windows '05", and then release "Windows '06". Not to mention the fact that the marketing campaign with the release of a new OS has to be orchestrated long before it's released. It would be embarrising and really expensive to create lots of ads for "Windows '05", and then rework all of them for a "Windows '06" campaign instead.

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