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I see blank

Videotapes, videotapes and even more videotapes..

It's starting to feel quite hopeless..

There's videotapes about everywhere.. at least it feel that way.

To the point where it make my head spin, trying to get some order..

The main problem is that the tapes have different "status".

First of all I've divided the tapes in 2 categories.. Those with Movies on them and those with TV-series, documentaries etc..

Those with movies on them, I place in my "Video-bookcases", where I have my bought videos and DVDs. (The Billy Bookcase is deep enough to fit two DVDs/Tapes or Tapes/Tapes. That way, I can hide the taped videos behind the DVDs and Bought videos, numbered 001 to ???.

The ones with various stuff, I've got in a closet.

In the same closet, I've got a lot of tapes which I haven't listed yet.

It wouldn't be a problem if all the numbered "Movie"-tapes stayed the way they are, but.. I've bought some of those movies on DVD or bought video, or simply replaced it with a new, better, recording, which means that some tapes are "erased" entirely (As in.. losing it's number), which means it leaves gaps. Some tapes are taken out, when one of the usually two movies can be replaced with another recording.

Before you know it.. you've got gaps in the numbering, you've got tapes with no number, you got numbered tapes among the "unlisted" ones. And among those, there are some that should be "updated" since I've recorded another movie on it, while others still have space left..

It's starting to feel as if.. the more I do, the less I know, and it's only a calm hope that all numbered tapes I've got in the bookcases do contain exaclty what they're supposed to contain..


I feel like I need a slave.. or a librarian.. that spent a couple of weeks of getting some proper system out of it.. or.. better.. That somehow, some fairy came here and simply replaced all those tapes with DVDs with all those movies..

Actually not.. My dream would be to have a huge server with a couple of Terabytes of space on them, where all movies, all music, all images, all documents etc, was stored, and I just had to access it through the computer..

Wanting to listen to a song.. Just search for it on that server, and listen to it.. Want to see a movie.. just search for the title and watch it..

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