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The Green Isle Ice Hockey Squad..

Even if Ice Hockey was invented in Great Britain, the only countries, today, being able to claim the title of the best nation in the world would be: Russia, Finland, Sweden, Canada, USA, Slovakia or the Czech.

Those being about the same quality, which means that all of those seven would be able to beat any of the other six, depending on which team has the best form for the day.

Reading on the Internation Ice Hockey Federation's ranking list, you find, at the bottom, on 44th place..



Exactly how many thought Ireland even had a Team?

In fact, there's not a single Ice Hockey rink in Ireland.. Neither indoors or outdoors. If they want to practice, they need to go to Northern Ireland. Ok. The same island, at least, but how come they have one in Northern Ireland?

Looking at their homepage,, there's not that much information at all. In fact, if you want to get more information, you've got two phone-numbers listed.. Both going to 2 of the players in the team. Not to the coaches.. Not to some office or anything, but the home numbers to 2 of the players.

Now, some of you might think I'm amused by this, but in fact I'm not. It's more of being genuinely curious about them. Like.. How on earth did they come up with the idea to start? What they feel about it? etc.. How it felt, when they actually won against Armenia?

In fact, I sort of admire their entusiasm, and the willingness to go through all the effort in creating a team and have it live on etc..

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